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  1. pob

    a few Qs

    ah, thats reasonable. thanks
  2. pob

    a few Qs

    How many days does the battery life last for you? I wouldnt have bluetooth on all the time anyways, so that wouldnt be my main drainer.
  3. pob

    a few Qs

    But having 3 phones is silly to everyone, so what reason could i have for buying a 3rd phone?! I feel i should have a reason, rather than just saying "i have a problem i have a phone addiction"! ;) As it wont be my main phone, shall i just get a 2nd hand black one with wm5 on? Or shall i treat myself to a blue one with WM6 on? Or shall i just stick to two phones?
  4. What other guises is the SPL under? Any qtek names or anything? i know its not by htc. I'd love a blue SPL (favourite colour!) and has WM6 on, but as this wont be my main phone, im affraid £240 is too much (unless i randomly gain some more money!)! So i'm thinking about getting a black one off ebay or, most likely, grade b stock from expansys. Is the battery life decent? About 5days-ish? I've heard that speed wise its similar to my c600 so if thats true, that would be fine. I fancy something like that, but for ocne, for fashion formed. I like the thought of a d-pad coz i had a problem with my nice c600's joystick. Why could i buy this? An odd question, but its coz i have two phones already. My main phone is Orange 18month contract with an E70 (sooo much better than my tytn! it broke so much!), and nothing can beat that for my needs at the mo! And i have a payg phone, a nokia 1112, as a "going out" phone, in case it gets lost or stolen (my c600 recently got stolen, so the 1112 has replaced it). So i've got a phone for the brains and wifi (e70), and a phone for those drunken nights... So what reason can i use for have a 3rd phone?! im an addict. ;)
  5. I cant find on their market place either. whats imov like as n IM? Its free...
  6. Correction... 3rd one - blacks out and screen doesnt reposition it right. this phones ace, but so buggy, theres only so much one can take! bye bye tytn hello e70
  7. How much is the pay month unlimited bundle?
  8. Bit of a recap and update... I’m on my 3rd TyTn (v1605), lol. 1st one, as i said, had Screen Allignment issues. 2nd one, as i said, was a refurb and had SA issues again, and a broken backlight. 3rd one is new (HT64..), no SA issues (yet?) but is having a case of black outs after changing screen positions from portrait to landscape. Anyone else having this problem? Am i just nit picking? This is all a shame, as its such as ace peice of kit! But theres only so many times you can be let down by bugs. HTC, pull your socks up and do more testing before releasing. And put better quality cameras on. And stop releasing device that are very similar, just small changes, eg tytn and p4350. And try to do slimmer handsets. Then they will be back on form like they were at the begining of 2006. This tytn is the last one i’m going to have, as i’m losing my confidence with them, which will be a shame if the black outs cause a problem. And due to not seeing any exciting devices due for release from HTC in 2007, i may run back to Nokia and get an E50 or E70! tut! :) :D
  9. had agile, and didnt like it. it'll suck it and see with this Live business!
  10. can windows live mobile messenger work on a ppc, or would it just work on a smartphone?
  11. Well the lady in the store looked at who signed for the delivery, and had no idea who it was, so she looked of the database, and recognised that name, but they had no idea where it was! So they've given me a new one HT64... so its brand new, so i hope i dont receive the same problems as the past couple of devices. i now have several back covers!
  12. Yeah, by a shop do you mean like CWP? Coz i got mine from the Voda store. The reason why its taking so long is probably coz i asked for a brand new handset (no later than HT634 or what it HT636), and they probably cant get hold of one. But still, they should ring saying they're having trouble, but they're keeping at it. Coz i just feel like they've forgotten me, and i'm getting fed up. Might change handsets next time.
  13. argggggh still no word from voda, even when we tried to ring them today. arrrrggh!
  14. Got a call back last tue, basically they knew nothing. Nearly a week later, and still not called back. I have been without my tytn for nearly another 1.5 weeks. Nearly a month of no handset in total, and £5 insurance for this month wasted. Not happen being left in the dark, although Voda probably dont have a new handset yet. And its not exactly easy chasing after Voda, when i'm working office hours myself. getting fed up! :)
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