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  1. There is a little plugin I've found at www.airfagev.com that works pretty well- here's the link: http://www.airfagev.com/utilities/Download...20for%20PIE.zip I recommend checking out the site anyway because there are a lot of cool programs for your smartphone as well... Also check out VITO Copy/Paste... it's a rad app and something that should have been included in the Windows Mobile for Smartphone suite. Pay attention though, not all of the programs are for WM5.
  2. That's a bummer, although ClearVue isn't bad... I would just like to edit documents and it's cool to see those little office icons that I'm so used to. Also, with the OutLook installed on the phone, is there any way to attach the .doc, .xls etc. documents I have on my phone to an Exchange e-mail from my phone? I've searched and searched without a good answer...
  3. I purchased a Cingular 2125 SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 5.0 and was excited to get Office Mobile, but when I browsed through it, I had a what seems to be a weak version of Outlook and a program called ClearVue suite which only views word, excel and powerpoint documents. I've spent tons of time browsing for a Office Mobile download, and can't seem to find one... Can anyone tell me where I can get it? (other than the lack of Office Mobile, te Cinguar 2125 is awesome- it's a great balance between size and power)
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