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  1. I'm glad I ignited all this passion for the Omnia in you guys :( ! I feel I want my new Omnia back from the service center now more than ever. :rolleyes: You see, forums are about sharing experiences and thoughts, giving as well as taking... and lending a helping hand wether technically or not-technically... Sadly, I don't see this here anymore except for a very few who got bored being alone as well. Any phone has issues, that is why you have a service center, and that is why you have warranty, but when your "fatal" issues are not resolved by that! then you have to ask "the experts" from the forums. I couldn't sell the phone for a reasonable price here sadly! people here know now and this is where I got my frustration. Anyway, although I feel no need to apologize, I am if I offended anyone of you in anyway. Farewell. :)
  2. you see my point, no body reads the posts really carefully! that what I mean... I didn't mention that I hate the phone, I am an old windows mobile user "since the first O2 was released with windows 2003, 2005, 6.0 and now 6.1!" but what can you say, people tend to attack more than trying to understand... I remember forums like esato, etenusers and many others... but I've never seen people so prone and ready to flame wars and so defensive like here!!! Try to understand people, this is what I mean by zero replies, no body cares to help the community more than tweaking and upgrading!!! "except for a few heros that we all know here... all thanks to them."
  3. Bro, I tried to make the topic title clear enough so anyone who doesn't want to read or doesn't care, should be bothered! But obviously... this triggered something in you! :rolleyes:
  4. One got an iPhone "obviously" another got the G1 black the other went for the storm!!! All are beautiful by the way, not that I wanna let go, however I am on the verge of doing so!
  5. What I am implying is that this is a very nice device, however poorly supported and maintained by Samsung. I have never had a phone where when I have a problem from day one, I have to send it to the service center for four times, and each time the phone has to stay in there for almost a week, and the last time it is there (with Samsung the last time not the local support vendor) I was promised a new unit "in writing", and then after almost more than a month, I still get nothing but "we are working on it". Keep in mind I am in Dubai, it is a small city "relatively" and Samsung presence here is strong as well as close by! The other thing is, people do not come to the forums just to "tweak" or "hack" their phones, they come here "seeking" answers to their questions. I, for example, had many questions that where not answered, mostly asking about "how to" stuff that was not available in "google" or even Modaco. and sometimes asking for a simple Samsung contact information to complain about the service here. I had 3 friends who bought the Omnia, today was the last one who through it away "none could sell it by the way", and got himself something else, not because the phone was faulty or anything, but because of the quality of the local support. now I am the last one left and I always encourage people who want a pocket pc or a smart phone, to stay away as much as possible from the Omnia, unless they want something to fill their time with playing and "upgrading!!!"
  6. It's like a movie, that is well advertised, but when you go and watch it, you feel a bit disappointed! I don't want to start a flame war here or an emotional conflict, but we have to get real, very bad samsung/dealer after sales support, people are longing to upgrade their phones "ALL THE TIME", all these many zero-replied / unanswered topics! these are just to mention a few... are indicators of how popular this gadget is after only a couple of months of its release! very sad how companies cannot keep up with very nice products like this.
  7. It is an exe file, try to redownload it because it is an exact 104,867,328bytes, and the file name is i900JVHK1_upgrader_xp.exe Try adding an exe and run the file again.
  8. This is a definite no recommendation to upgrade. this is "as per bbb" an alpha release of new features that Samsung is obviously testing! new features and a definite welcome, however not yet complete, and I think Secany shouldn't have released this to us. Pros: 1. new volume control screen "very welcome, looks like the touchwiz and other samsung phones! very finger friendly! :rolleyes:) 2. New online widgets "actually there are more than 31 english widgets to be downloaded off the net, very nice" 3. favorites application, a very nice way to control your phone, it has a % meter of the battery too! 4. when charging while the phone is off, the screen has a battery icon with filling bar! NICE!!! :( Cons: 1. less that 25MB left of storage memory, on first run, and goes down very quickly in a couple of days! 2. very unstable widget application, makes the phone freeze a couple of times. 3. the phone accesses the internet "GPRS" on first boot without running anything or taking your approval! :) 4. very unusefull preinstalled cannot be deleted widgets "all non english!" 5. very unusefull preinstalled applications 6. overall stability is reduced very much. i will be going back to K1, it is the best stable performance wise rom yet released.
  9. If you want your Omnia to like Chinese, then go for DZ, however you will sacrifice a lot of precious memory. I don't know why until now we can not utilize the 16GB properly! Why don't they do it like the netbook! anyway, there...
  10. Good day guys, a lot of progress in one busy night! Can some great sole upload the proper CSC file to flash it with this? I don't to waste memory on Chinese files... Sorry if it has been uploaded somewhere before. Thanks in advance.
  11. basically a buggy ROM that all should stay away from it right? :rolleyes:
  12. bob, I think this has been there since K1 "the auto clearing history after a while".
  13. bob, a quick question I know I may have to look or search but I'm too lazy to do so. What application did you use to capture these informative videos off your Omnia?
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