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  1. I've just tried the same thing and mine definitely rings even when the headphones are in. I have mine set to ring & vibrate if that helps? Can't imagine this is a difference with a DK rom, assuming that is what you have, although anything's possible As for the volume, you should typically have a small volume wheel on your standard headphones, a s/w control level if using WMP (the T3D player doesn't seem to have one) and finally the main up/down buttons. Be careful to ensure you have the correct "System" tab selected to effect the music voume. If the "Ring" tab is selected you are only changing the ring volume (perhaps not suprisingly). This latter one has caught me out before!
  2. I've just had the same issue and thankfully worked it out in my case. When you increase/decrease the volume there is both a "System" and "Ring" tab. This may sound screamingly obvious, but I missed it initially and therefore wonder whether you did too. If you go to the "Ring" tab is this bit turned right down?
  3. Sounds like it could be a fault? I would speak to your supplier so at least they are aware of it in case you need a return! Does the volume button 'ding' as you increase/decrease? What about the external speaker if you play music?
  4. If you simply want the raw long/lat then your best bet is probably the HTCGPSTool. This is normally easily found via a search of xda-developers but the site seems to be down at the moment. Try here instead
  5. I've just re-tested the camera and perhaps I was a little harsh on it's capabilties after all. I completely agree that forums like this one and XDA provide a wealth of fantastic information and apps to help fill the gaps that are otherwise left by stock firmware etc. However, I still think what you are hoping for may be asking quite a lot. Aside from the immediate software issues, don't forget the Diamond 2 does have a 5mp camera rather than just 3.2mp on the Diamond 1. I am happy to be proven wrong and hope for your sake that I am, but it's been pretty quiet around these parts lately. :D
  6. A bit of a tough ask from a forum that is made up of liitle more than enthusiasts!?! If you have an issue with the Diamond's recording capabilities (which from what I've seen, are pretty lousy) then perhaps you should send your comments to HTC directly? As for the 'golden moments of my brothers son', have you considered beg/borrowing a video camera if its as signifcant an occasion as you suggest?
  7. If my experiences are anything to go by, TomTom treat these installations as very much illegal. You may get away with a quick trial with your free map, but phone them for any support or further maps and they'll immediately rumble you shouldn't have the s/w.
  8. No, sadly the fact that you are showing an H only tells you that 3.5G is available in your area, not that you are actually getting it. I had a long a very and protracted conversation last year regarding this and it basically comes down to when and how your WnW was originally set up (2 years+ ?). Any new WnW standard will be throttled back to 3G. You only get 3.5G if you take the plus addition.
  9. Ok, perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought he said he'd already disabled TF3D. If you are persisting with it, then try TF3DConfig and/or some of the themes for TF3D
  10. Sorry I perhaps didn't make that clear enough. I meant the windows folder on the phone. Mine also has a "Rings" sub-folder beneath that which seems to pick up other wav/mp3 files. Try it for youself, it seems to work just fine? As for, Opera, if it doesn't do everything you want then, make sure you have the latest update and if not...seek an alternative? For Theme Editing try Theme Maker or possibly Theme Generator. I think these typically generate a .tsk file which again needs to be put into the windows directory of the phone and should then show up through settings->today
  11. Through settings->today you should have a grand variety of changes you can make. Either choose an existing theme or there are theme editors around that you can create your own from scratch. There are also many today add in components that can change the look and feel of the home screen. You could try SkyFire for any tasks that Opera doesn't quite get right (of which there aren't too many) The GPS itself shouldn't cost you anything to use. There is for instance an HTCGPStool which gives you raw long/lat type information for basic map reading. Search xda-developers.com for more info. If you want to use Google maps with your GPS then you will likely be charged by your network for the downloading of maps as and when required. I can't speak for ATT (being UK based), but many networks these days give you unlimited data downloads as part of your bundle, so this (for me anyway) isn't an issue. If you use satnav s/w such as TomTom then you would obvioulsy have to pay initially for the software and maps but there should be no onging charge thereafter. Again, seems to work fine for me under settings->sounds & notifications. The "phone: incoming call" has a slightly different set of choices, but txt messaging allows for custom sounds as well. You may have to place them in the windows directory for them to be seen.
  12. On the basis of what...slow response to this question...or a generally quieter forum? If the latter, then is that not because the diamond has been out longer, so most early adopters have figured out everything they need?
  13. If you are talking about using the phone hands free then taking the stylus out also stops it from doing so, but when pressed to your ear there is something sensor-wise that prevents this from working quite as expected.
  14. There is still no official ROM update from T-Mo yet, although to be honest once you get into the swing of things and apply various tweaks/optimisations listed throughout these forums, the device works just fine (well at least mine does). I'd start off with the TF3D config tool for starters, then work through some of battery saving posts going back to July/Aug last year. Keep an eye on things like your general memory usage. Once this gets low, things can really slow down, but you may just have a full Opera browser cache for instance. The alternative is a cooked ROM which, I understand invalidates your warranty, although others clearly swear by them. I'll let someone else respond who's had more experience of such things.
  15. Can you not? That sounds rather a huge restriction! Which networks force that on you, or are you just referring to cooked ROMs?
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