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  1. same problem here. phone screen goes off - still get haptic feedback etc. eventually it comes back on inverted, upside down and flickering. phone has been away and repaired once (new screen and gubbins) - doing the same within a day of getting it back. done a hard reset and removed memory cards so completely clean and still failing. real shame because it has been an excellent phone. help??? anyone........................... cheers don
  2. brilliant, thanks. i have been looking everywhere (almost everywhere) cheers don
  3. hi i have an HTC S710. It can connect to the AUX in my car stereo by a standard 3.5m jack and i have the converter from mini usb to 3.5m stereo jack. BUT - whilst playing music in the car it cannot be charged because the mini usb is in use.... can you get a car power cable for mini-usb with a 3.5mm jack plug split into it too? hope this makes sense. thanks don
  4. hi does anyone know any software that will quickly allow me to divert calls to voicemail? i have an htc s710 thanks don
  5. will orange send me the unlcoker if my phone is currently with a different provider? i want it before i upgrade. cheers don
  6. hello i changed my rom to SP5 6 months ago and it's caused me problems. i now would like to go back to my old orange rom because it worked fine and never gave me any problems with tomtom and other programs i use all the time- but I cannot find it anywhere. does anyone know where i can download the older orange rom (pre aku2 and all the unlock issues)? have seen people asking about it but have not actually been able to find the files anywhere. best regards don
  7. hi tomtom has started meesing up on my phone and i think it is a bluetooth issue. if i don't start BT before Tomtom it no longer turns BT on and once it's used BT it now no longer turns it off. If I then go in to Comm Mgr to turn off BT then it freezes, usually needing a turn off / on to fix. any ideas anyone? i have done a hard reset (SP5 Rom installed) and things used to work fine in this state but again stiill this problem. it all started after i removed compact .net framework and things started going wrong so i hard reset and now tomtom and BT not happy as described above. any ideas anyone? cheers don
  8. hi does anyone know why my comm manager is messing up. it keeps freezing up when i try to turn bluetooth off but only seems to do it after bluetooth has been used by something else in the meantime. When I go in to turn BT off it just hangs and is continually open in my active programs list and cannot be shut down. BT stays on permanently too. Sometimes when I start another program e.g Xbar3 or Battery Bar everything just freezes. Once this has happened once my TomTom won't start again. arrrggghh Any ideas? I have done a hard reset and reinstalled minimal software but it still happens. Can I upgrade Comm Manager or Bluetooth profile in any way? I am running SP5 rom on C600 Cheers Don
  9. any other ideas folks? my phone dialled 112 from my pocket again at the weekend!!! i see this topic has been discussed before and it stopped at the same point. someone must have an idea where the 112 entry comes from and why it cannot be removed like the other emergency numbers just by deleting the ECall reg entry. where else can we look? cheers don
  10. c600 allowed me to remove all numbers in the list and this works but... it still dials 112 so where on earth is it getting this number from now. i have even deleted the ECall key and rebooted my phone and still it dials 112 when locked. any other ideas? thanks don
  11. found the answer.... With the registry editor open, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\ECall, and note the presence of a multi-line value called List. Opening this value brings up a list of pre-programmed emergency phone numbers. To add / remove an unlisted number, simply type it in and save the changes don
  12. hi my spv600 keeps dialing 112 (emergency services) when it's in my pocket even though the keypad is locked. i can understand the benefits of this system but even in a case and in my pocket i do not want it doing this when the keypad is locked. so, does anyone know how i can disable the emergency call feature when the keypad is locked? thanks don
  13. hi i think the title says it all. i keep reading about software and downloading things which say i need it ut i have no clue what it is,how it works, where i can get it etc? have searched these forums and the internet but not found anything that explains simply what it is etc any help appreciated. cheers don
  14. Hello I have emailed myself a couple of .cab files to my smartphone (C600) but bloomin' outlook won't let me open them incase they are unsafe!! is there a tweak to prevent this from happening. I want to open the .cab file and play space invaders on the train tonight (sad i know) cheers donster22
  15. hi i have a c600 which sits in a little pouch on my belt. the problem is this: everytime i pull it out to answer a call it obviously knocks the "ignore" key and boots calls to voicemail knocks the answer key and answers them - no matter how careful i am. does anyone know if you can lock the keypad when it rings so that before i can answer or ditch a call i have to press something else first? would quite happily have to unlock it (soft key and star) first before then answering the call. cheers don
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