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  1. In this article on the new Omnia: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wirele...-Lineup-863312/ it says: "...Samsung additionally announced that all currently available Omnia models will be upgraded to run the OS as well..." :-)
  2. Well, having done a number of fully charge with mains adapter, and fully discharge, my battery life is still the same... really bad, doesn’t last a work day! Enabling the Power save mode seems to have made no difference…. Therefore, I think its ROM flash time… but I am concerned, as some people have reported battery life for them was worse with HH3… But I Expect my battery life really cant get any worse!!! What is the current recommended ROM to go for HH3? HG5?.... any recommendations welcome, as different people seem to get really different battery life from the same ROM! (My Omnia is a t-mobile one currently running PDA : i900XXHH7/BOHH5, PHONE : i900BOHH2)
  3. Hmm... Really Interesting.. When my battery is reported as flat, I will try a soft reset. Sounds like they DO have an issues detecting how much power is left... as this isn't apparent in other ROMs, sounds like Flashing to a good ROM would help. Think I will try a Hard Reset (Install my apps) and test again! Interestingly today, I have been using my device lots... and the battery drain is the same as yesterday, when it was light usage! Cheers!
  4. Hi Nyjumpman23, I did fully charge my phone when I got it... but I have never let it fully drain… often it is plugged in to my PC! So yesterday, I let it drain to nothing, and turn off on its own. Last night it charged fully... and today I will let it drain fully again… and see what happens! Also I noticed my battery this morning had already drained to about 80%... by the time I got to work it looked like it was back at 90%... and now it’s back to 80% again… I think the battery meter may just be very random on these devices! One thing I have noticed, that in the T-Mobile Rom, under Settings, System, Power, Power Save tab. “Enable power save mode” is not checked. Is this enabled on the other Samsung Roms? I’m not going to enable this today as I want to see how I go through the day… but might turn it on tomorrow. Cheers, Martin.
  5. Hi Willo, Cheers for your feedback, Looking at my ROM versions. PDA : i900XXHH7/BOHH5 PHONE : i900BOHH2 It sounds like it will upgrade the Phone, and downgrade the PDA… Did you loose any functionality with the HH3 rom? Is this the ROM Thanks again!
  6. I have a T-Mobile i900, and I am experiencing very bad battery life. I will leave it on change all night… and the initial battery will drop very quickly down to about 50% (after 5 hours) and then down to about 20% after a further 5 hours…. So I always have to charge my phone at work, just to get through the day! (Usage:- No GPS, no Wi-Fi, 3 or 3 calls, 2 or 3 SMS’s, read a few web pages, push email.) One reason that I went for the i900 was that reviews said its battery life was better than the Diamond… with the current T-Mobile rom this does not seem to be the case! … and my Touch Dual managed to last the whole day with battery life to spare! ROM: PDA : i900XXHH7/BOHH5 PHONE : i900BOHH2 Anyone know if there is a Newer ROM with better battery life, I could flash? Cheers, Martin.
  7. Well mine turned up yesterday… Very happy, after getting use to not having the touch dual keyboard!!! One thing to note, it comes with threaded SMS turned off!!!! So you need to see Paul’s Post on disabling it here: http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/271937/view-topic/ but set the value to 0 to re=enable threaded SMS! :-) (also had some fun getting GPS working… see: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/271495/...g-used/page/60/ ) Martin.
  8. I have a t-mobile uk i900, and GPS just wasn’t working (just trying Gogle maps and Live Search). Didn’t seem to matter what COM port I set in ‘external GPS’ nothing seemed to work. And the camera app would never geo tag! Thought I’d give GPSGate a go… and when it searched, it skips COM 3 as it says its reserved for IR! Swtched it to COM4 in ‘external GPS’ and GPSGate found it. Left the default options for it forwarding on to COM 1. Set google maps to COM1, and it worked. Set Live Maps to COM1 and it too worked. Then I disabled GPSGate, and set google to COM 4 and it worked! Live did not work on COM4, but did work setting it to let Windows Mobile to handle GPS. Now the camera application geo tags just fine too. Only just tried this so it will be interesing to see if it stays working…… Martin.
  9. Just phoned up for my upgrade... they said they had Very limited stok... but my order went through OK! ;) Arrives tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up psionandy. Martin.
  10. Just called t mobile for an upgrade.... they are out of stock, but the nice lady said she would ring when they are back in... she estimated a week. So looking forward to upgrading to this phone... after using my Touch Dual non-stop since it came out... it's pretty worn out now! and the i900 looks like an almost perfect device... I'm annoyed they've not gone with a mini USB :-( ... apart form that looks great! Martin
  11. I can't see the Diamond on the T-Mobile Website... Do they sell it yet? My contracts up... so time to upgrade! :-)
  12. Odd... my 20 Key version from Handtech had a 3 pin Plug! :(
  13. I think it should read... "Not bought on a contract... so bought from HTC, and the warranty is with HTC, and not Orange "...!!! maybe?
  14. My one was UK... Came with a UK plug, Only English Manual, and English on the box... just ordered this... http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php/795/htc-touch-ii--dual- which didn't' say if it was 16 or 20!!! I'm starting to get use to the 20Key set up now... having come from an old MDA Vario, I was use to a (not so great) full keyboard... so I had got out of practice on a keypad anyway! Now I have the choice of the hardware 20 key setup.. or the soft 16Key Keypad... both work very well... :-)
  15. Good News... I’ve just received a Touch Dual from handtec.co.uk and it is the 20 key version! :(

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