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  1. just flashed it, it is very nice and so fresh but.... radio is not working on me. I mean I have no signal all the time... pitty
  2. Don`t get me wrong, I know about battery life in new roms. I change them frequently. I know it may be short, but never like this one. It`s very short. Not less than 24H, but for like 3 days, I flashed it just when it showed up. What about slowness of it? I saw some debug references in build.prop (debug.composition.type=mdp) Is debuging enabled on this rom? I noticed also, that it has hw acceleration enabled by default.
  3. I find this rom very slow, whole UI is painfully slow, battery life is the worst one I saw anywhere, barelly can last for 1 day. Fully charged at night, at 4pm it`s empty. WTF ?! I flashed it by memory card, from About, System Update. Before I was on Official Play 2.2.2 ROM by windows flash. What`s yours speed?
  4. That`s what it supose to be, cable=cable, but it looks like it is not. Make sure those are not damaged or bad quality.
  5. To explein everything: 1) Cable doesn`t matter, one side USB, other side MicroUSB, thats fine. 2) Chargers, there it`s getting complicated. Blade factory charger, as well as Samsungs, HTCs chargers have 5V/700mA up to about 1000mA (1A), thats fine for Blade to charge. BUT! If you buy some non-brand charger or some universal kinda chinese one you may get some problems charging. Why? Becouse there is ONE BIG diference between them! It`s all about USB part in chargers. As you may know USB has 4 signals (connectors) inside: 1. 5V + 2. Data + 3. Data - 4. GND On original branded chargers signals no 2 and 3 are conected together only, sending no signal and thanks to that phone knows it is connected to charger and it should not expect usb connectivity, just power. On chineese, non branded chargers, manufacturers try to make it as universal as possible, so they connect connectors no 2 and 3 to power 5V+ and GND through some resistors. When connected, phone can go crazy, it`s getting some weird signals, it is expecting usb connection, it is not getting any, then it can go off, reset, or hang, slow charging, brake, etc. I`m in electronics department, I`m selling those chargers, so I don`t recommend using non branded chargers, it can really break your phones. Use those branded, maybe more expensive, but designed for phones, cos manufacturers know how to make proper chargers. Just make sure it has 5V and at least 700mA (current), You may use stronger one, for example 1000mA, but always make sure it has 5V (volts) Never use weaker ones, ex 5V/500mA or 5V/300mA. The smallest problem you will get using those, will be uncharged phone, or you will brake the charger. You may freely use charger from other phone manufacturer to charge, ex HTC, Samsung, BB. Hope that helps?
  6. All SE stereo headphones with Play controls (like Play, Next, Prev) use A2DP. As it is a standard used to control multimedia, they will all work with devices which use A2DP. So in short: SE headphones will work nicely with Omnia2 and it doesn`t matter that it is a "SE" brand. Me, myself, have those HBH-DS980 and I`m very happy with those. Sound is awesome, pretty decent battery live, all controls work flawlessly, it has a nice oled screen which provides access to phone`s phonebook and call history. It displays caller ID when phone calls. With proper MS BT stack (If i remember correctly, stack from 21028 win build) it will even display songs name from Windows Media Player!! Great choice... It almost sounded like a commercial, sorry for that :)
  7. Here u go: This is a tiny app pulled from official htc rom for T-Mobile for, I think, Diamond2. Put to cab by me. It`s called Soft Key. Install, soft-reset, then go to: Settings (Windows Settings)/System and Soft Key. It will allow you to change both softkeys straight away. Hope I helped. Softkey_Changer.cab
  8. In Live Messenger, although I don`t use it to much, I noticed occasional lost of signal, by that I mean that Messenger can not find network, it last for couple of seconds and then is back on track. But still, no other problems. I`m sorry, I can not help you. Try different builds of Live apps, maybe some older ones, look for it on Internet, maybe one of those will work for you. Or you can use great Palringo messenger app, it allows you to use MSN network. Your English is actually very good :P
  9. Hi. Well, I Use live/hotmail on my device with JG2 rom. It came with very old build of live app, so I installed the newest one from Marketplace and it works very well!! No problems what so ever. Hotmail works fine, syncing well too, no bugs with taskbar or volume control, nor with Internet connection. It looks like it`s a bigger problem in your case than just a Live app. I would suggest doing a hard reset in this case, and then to try again with Live app. One more thing, install Live app from well known source only, in this case Marketplace. Just a recommendation.
  10. The rebooting problem is a common problem on 1.15 rom version. To use this homescreen safe on vox it`d be better to use rom version ARA_1.27. This rom is well know to be very stable and no rebooting problem is present. This homescreen on above rom is working like a charm. You will find it.... around :(
  11. You will get the difference with time, this rom (htc 1.15) is going down and down with time. Get the Ara 1.27 - no problems whatsoever.
  12. I have dump rom for Vox in .raw format. How can I flash phone with these? I was trying to convert it to .nb file with imgfstools with no luck. I got error that MSFLSH50 header not found. I don`t need to edit the rom. Is even that possible to flash vox with dumped rom ? Help please!!!! That`s steps I take: 1. 'imgfstodump part02.raw` (result: ok) 2. imgfsfromdump part02.raw imgfs.new.bin (result: ok) 3. Use a donor .hbh to extract, Have a 04_os.nb 4. Nosplit -hermes 04_os.nb (result: ok) Have now: 04_os.nb.payload (rename to: 04_os.nb.old.payload) 5. Imgfstonb imgfs.new.bin 04_os.nb.old.payload 04_os.nb.payload (result: error. "MSFLSH50 header not found.") Now, what am I doing wrong ? Coz I don`t get it and I`m stuck. Help. Thanks
  13. It`s easy, just change the registry: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\RAI\:MSBranding] "BannerImage"="" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\RAI\:MSCdial] "BannerImage"="" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\RAI\:MSCPROG] "BannerImage"="" [/codebox] Att removed, cos of error inside Mancom
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