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  1. well i cancelled my omnia order after seeing that the card is on the main board in the omnia 7.... no chance on ever replacing that and at 6gb free its very thin on memory.... checked my ipod and i have 10gb of music and vid on it. how much of the 16gb is available on the HD7 seen as the omnia alread used nearly 2GB
  2. only ordered my omnia yesterday, now i have seen this.... http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/29/htc-hd7...eplacable-card/ anybody dared to look ?
  3. Damn - i better hope a friend gets it on Orange then so i can listen to what HD voice sounds like. Are t-mobile doing that too..? knowing my luck.... if i'd only have had a smart phone already i would have seen the reply... :)
  4. The best deal i have seen so far in the uk is: New customers get 140quid cashback through quidco for orange Then get the phone on dolphin 25 for 22.50 a month (24 month - online only) and pay 150 for phone. you'll get the phone price back with cashback and 22.50 a month for unlimited text and internet isnt too bad. Dont like the contract length but other than that. Of course the more expensive contract have better call allowance and free phone..
  5. Apart from the availability of these phones i was under the impression there would be a 16gb model. Has anyone seen the 16gb model anywhere in uk ?
  6. Well the first confirmation of that and i think i will be buying one.
  7. Has anyone spotted a phone yet that has the ability to add memory. I know MS wont support hot pluggable but would like to replace my IPUD and 8 / 16gb just isnt enough.....
  8. \rant While i agree that T-Mobile is trying to protect there data tariffs they should be aware that they have sold a phone with Wireless networking on it... SO! removing MSN Live application is WRONG... \rant over Where do i go to get my msn live or is there a good alternative...
  9. Whats the data tarif like on orange... or is T-Mobile the only real fair data tariff
  10. HTC TyTN II + 750 Mins + 250 txt 18 Mth £40 Monthly Contract Phones › Vodafone 1-5 In Stock - 9 Days £129.95 Not too bad a deal but i really am worried that the minute i lose my data tariff with t-mobile i will be stuffed... Decisions decisions!
  11. Just found this! http://www.devicewire.co.uk/HTC-TYTN-II?gc...CFRAFEgodZGJEaQ apparantly they have 700 in stock at 479.94 inc vat
  12. Just read the Voda data tariff... wheres the sub 10 pound data tariff!! 7.50 for 120mb on that one...
  13. will three be picking up the KAISER.. they seem to be the only other company with a data package comparable to T-Mobile And will there be a contract buy for the HTC model rather than T-Mobiles "shiny" version
  14. The holder for the stylus on my vario ii used to be quite snug and extended the pen as it was withdrawn... However it now rattles about and the pen just clips and the end and stays looses. nothing has fallen out that i have noticed. Is there some sort of guide inside or something thats be displaced ?
  15. This was in a thread for another device... maybe worth a go as they are both wm2005 http://www.coolsmartphone.com/news2266.html
  16. 1.4 meg a second storage 175k a second 1mb file download 5.8 seconds
  17. Sorry should have been more patient... sorted The solution was: \contacts \ sim manager \ list of own numbers then edit line one and restart the phone ! Sorted
  18. OK Just had my number ported to my new Vario II, however when i go into settings and click on phone it still shows my old number at the top. Should this change on its own? or is it permanent to sim card or something.. cheers
  19. OK Just enabled HSDPA on my account, the lady was very helpful indeed. Im not used to this! OMG I think im becoming a T-Mobile fanboy :D
  20. Sorry which number/ options did u use. Did you ring upgrades or faults ?
  21. Did you do this online or with Customer services? I take it was a phone call as per guys above !
  22. How would t-mobile know if you used the phone as a modem?? Does it just refer to using the Sim in a modem card??? I Can't find anything to prove which one has HSDPA, although CS said you needed pro for fast internet.. Other think is some people said something about getting a "U" for there data carrier at the top of the screen.. mine says 3G I have the standard web n walk and get 800Kbps which is a little fast for standard 3g and slower than my colleagues 3.5G Tmobile datacard which was well over 1mb Im so confused :S
  23. rang them last night to let them know,, nothing happened,,, So rang again this morning... by lunch it was working and my port date had been text to me. To be honest, compared to o2 the service was tremendous :D Shifting to o2 previously left me ringing for two weeks to get my number ported..
  24. Just rang and they said they cant sell them yet as they have no pricing... is this gonna be a game of t-mobile new connections lottery !!! :D
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