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  1. Has anyone got the current fax number for the customer services dept in Bristol? By the lack of replies i wonder if it has changed?
  2. ditto other users, at first glance yuk, gonna stick with virtualearth, googlemaps, map24....the list keeps getting bigger! But then after playing a bit longer you get used to the menu structure and actually get to like the programme ;) gps position is acurate display is good nice big buttons for easy use in car. Routing is free and can be used with gps postion (which does also move the map and trck). You need to subscribe to navigation if you want it and the pricing structure seems quite attractive. week / month / year / 3 years options aviliable and this also means your maps are up to date. one main bug for me, it seem to leave the text input pad half way up the screen in other apps after using. overall may actaully switch to this one as my main mapping prog as its all there!
  3. i recently have been moaning at orange about this, and could not get any useful info from india, but whilst speaking to the retentions lady it would appear if i was at the end of my contract almost anything is possible. there is now a offpeak unlimited for £5 but this only works during offpeak!
  4. I too am having trouble with the "AKU23NoClock.noUPX.CAB " copied it over, ran it, and re-booted but no clock in the title bar. does it have to be activated from somewhere?
  5. Having got GPSDASH2 working sweetly on my M600, Id thought i would try it out on an old smartphone (c600 / c500, orange). However i seem unable to install due to security / permissions problem. Any one got experiance of this app on a smartphone?
  6. true, but what you get is a wireless skpe phone! I belive wireless is used in prefernece to gprs when availiable
  7. Is it possible to change the default location of the folder from the phone to the storage card? wm5, Orange M600
  8. check out NiceTrack, does all of this for wm5
  9. shame, is it likely that skype will release a 'really slow cpu version' or is it just on the limits?
  10. I have installed this edited version of skpe and, on my M600, incomming speech is excellent but im told my outgoing speech is very broken. It would seem this is not the case for other M600 users?
  11. im using the c600 as the 'modem'. I connect the M600 via bluetooth to the C600. Then in the M600 set up a new connection with settings as follows: modem: 'bluetoth' new partnership - select C600 number to be dialed '*99#' for orange user name password as all left empty Done!!
  12. i now can actually answear this one myself! and for the benefit of other struggling novices the dialling number should be *99#, the same for when you do a pc to phone modem link. (I was previously using 'orangeinternet') Shame orange couldnt sort this one!!!
  13. ive had many a CSR moment like this, all you have to do is write or fax to the complaints department ( in bristol i seem to remember) and there the nice lady seems to have more power to make sensible decisions! good luck
  14. on my m600 it seems you have to have the main volume on to enable the alarm ringer, on my c600 it is possible to turn the phone ringer to silent and still leave the alarm to scream, how do i do this on the m600?
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