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  1. is there any way to change the up.down VOLUME in MTeoR ( SPJAS ) because in MTeoR the .up.down.volume is UP DOWN in a joystick i want to make it like the SP5 up system volum - down system volume any way by regeditSTG2 or by any other apps ???? please help
  2. no i can install NET CF 2.0 to my phone but all software work on NET CF 2.0 NOT WORK like sniper
  3. why these apps work with framwork2.0 dont work with my SPjas i put the framework and it didnt work (erorr) ?? i try also sniper and it didnt work? in the SP5 work fine
  4. GxQvga Patcher didnt work on my computer (error) i have in my computre framwork 2.0 so now how to do it where shoud i put GxQvga Patcher in phone or what ?? and what these all files in Release folder ???
  5. this app didnt work on my SPJAS the computer didnt find the hardware i try it on my old SP5 and its work good what should i do ??????
  6. go here its other 2 steps try it and tell me if it work http://www.modaco.com/now-you-can-unlock-a...ps-t250619.html
  7. will FinalBurn will work on imate SPjas (HTC MTeoR) after unlouking app ??? and how it work on it ????? CPU 300MHZ
  8. i have Sandisk card yes it record with perfect sound and framerate but i dont try to record by the COOLCAMERA app i try this on the normal camera app on SP5 its only record 15 frame in a second i know that the COOLCAMERA can record video up to 25 frame maybe thats why you need faster card but i have the same problems that yours when i have SE p910 i buy for it memory stick DUO 256 mb and then i buy the memory stick pro DUO 512 mb but no good when i record video the sound and the framerate is poor but after that i try to record in the mobile memory sound and the framerate is very good even the color of the frame is diffrent and good enjoy with your new 2GB man and have a nice day :)
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