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  1. ok so ive jsut read THIS review of the MDA Vario and decided as well as recomending this to my friend im also goingn to get on for my self and was wondering where people recomend i go for a good deal on this in the uk. if i could get the CoPilot software and a GPS unit this would be a great bonus and i wouldnt mind paying a little over the
  2. i got the audio cables and memory card one payg with orange with my c550 but i dont know if that is still available, which other manufacturers make windows mobile products?
  3. so the c600 seems to be a safe bet to recomend to him then?, however to behonest im still a little puzzeld, what is the difference between the c550 and the c600(despite different cases and os?)
  4. ok having seen what is available on the HTC Hurricane/SPV C550 a friend of mine has recently come to me to ask which smart phone i would recomend for him to buy thats any where up to the
  5. hey is it possible to add itmes to the quick menu on the c550? for thoose of u who dont know what im talking about it s the menu that comes up when you hold the home button down for a couple of seconds which has disable gprs and bluetooth on it thanks simon
  6. trippy - i dont mind much about sound quality because at the moment im moving round on cructhes and a wheel chair sso its mainy ease of access etc The problem i was having is that i didn't rlise that you had to press the call/answer button on the bluetooth headset in order for the sound to start routing through the headset as i thought it would be automated
  7. thanx alot mini man, very informative and some good links in that post thanx again simon
  8. no matter you can lock this topic turns out i was doing bluetunes slightly wrong sry for wasting your time simon
  9. hey guys i have a c550 and a bluetooth headset and was wondering if it was possible to get my c550 to play the tunes through the head set as this only seems to be available through a wired head set wich is a bit of an inconveniance. i have tried BlueTunes but it wont work on my phone for some reason, thanks for any suggestions simon
  10. i dont know about finding the software on the internet but if it waqs unlocked through the retailer then i would imagine if you tell them this and they check there records that it is correct then they might be able to re-unlock the new phone as well for free because youve allready paid for it once and had to send it back due to a fault
  11. there doesn't seem to be any in the downloads area unless ive over looked them, any other ideas? thanx again for the help
  12. seems to be working fine for me so far, the only problem i ever encounted when trying to sinc with wmp is if i connected the device before starting media player, as force of habit i haven't tried it the other way round with the beta, try this and then if that doesn't work you could try contacting the phone manufacturer because it seems its more liekly to be a fault on the phone then then player
  13. does anyone know where i can get themes for windows media player on the c550? i had a look just about everywhere io can think of but haven't stumbled across any yet. also do they come with an installer or is it a manual install, iif so how hard is this to do?
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