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    MDA Pro Lobster 700TV
  1. CaptainZok

    Hudl 1.3.1 Update

    Yes it does sirius-c. Just had to revert mine to the old SystemUI before it would update then put the modded one back afterwards. Root has stayed though which saves a job.
  2. You could buy one on ebay and swap it yourself. Not very difficult, remove 4 screws in the base of the screen, unclip housing, unplug 3 cables inside, remove screen, replace new screen and as they say reassembly is the reverse of removal. Screen/digitiser units go for about £90 on ebay.
  3. CaptainZok

    Getting TMO Gprs settings to work

    Have you tried Start/Settings /Connections then hit the menu softkey then action for the advanced menu? Theres a setting in there to switch your GPRS connection.
  4. CaptainZok

    For Developers Old and New - Free Books!

    Arrived today, Thanks again Mono. ;)
  5. Which regedit stg you using? There are two versions, needed the latter to unlock my new lobster. Get me on msn if you need it urgently.
  6. CaptainZok

    Google Maps released for Windows Mobile

    Try this fix for WM5 Smartphone, its worked for my Lobster 700TV. Found on XDA Devs. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=293018
  7. CaptainZok

    New Animals from Orange for 2007

    Looking at the comments made by myself and many others elsewhere, the dodo may be apt as their business could soon be as dead as one.
  8. CaptainZok

    Get the iPhone style for your Pocket PC

    Maybe theyre trying to raise a few quid to pay off Cisco. :D
  9. CaptainZok

    So glad I left!

    That's exactly what I was thinking. But as you say the logic of throwing away a lucrative phone network and jumping aboard the good ship Broadband seems a strange business plan. I would have thought that the current UK ISP market there is a good chance of the ship becoming more reminiscent of that great unsinkable of the last century, Titanic.
  10. CaptainZok

    So glad I left!

    The more I hear of others bad experiences with O as well as my own the more I wonder, do France Telecom want the company to survive? The rate they must be losing customers must surely prompt some high level questioning as to their policys and the way they treat their customers, unless there is a hidden agenda?
  11. CaptainZok

    Pocket MSN died?

    Just tried mine, takes a while to sign in but its working.
  12. CaptainZok

    Heavy mobile use 'damages sperm'

    How long before the first lead lined underpants hit the shops? :)
  13. CaptainZok

    Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    After terminating my orange account I assumed I had paid all charges due. Some weeks later I recieved a bill for around
  14. CaptainZok

    Orange 6 month warranty

    I would try a call to my local Trading Standards if I were you. Goods have to be of "merchantable quality" and if they sell you a 12 month contract surely the item should last for at least the said 12 months. If it fails within that period then the seller is legally obliged to repair as I believe. I'm not a legal expert but I'm sure Trading Standards are and can advise you properly.
  15. CaptainZok

    Using a non T-Mobile HTTP proxy

    Works fine on the Universal too.

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