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  1. sorry to hear that, it's a bummer. have you looked on ebay for parts? i've seen people in the past "part out" their phones and selling the parts on ebay.
  2. Try Opera Mini, it is a java app that works real well for browsing, including gmail (via personalized google page) and just about any other page. Also, i recommend the java app for google maps (forgot the name, but is a pleasure to use). BB
  3. I've been waiting for an app like this for a while now: http://www.alltunes.com/en-mobile.shtml
  4. this worked for me (I'm on Cingular): http://www.spv-developers.com/forum/showpo...amp;postcount=5 once installed you can go to www.google.com/gmm from your phone and install the google maps java app which works very well.
  5. google pdanet for one solution of going online from your laptop over the internet connection of your cell phone carrier, using a usb wire. the same people have a beta bluetooth version as well, for doing the same thing wirelessly. i haven't been able to get the bluetooth version to work, but i haven't worked too much on it and you may have better luck.
  6. you may want to try PDAnet (google it and click on the first link). there is a palm version which i used to get on the internet with my laptop and treo650 without problem. they now have a windows mobile version which should work with your laptop connected via usb cable to your smartphone. there is also a beta option to use bluetooth to connect, but i haven't gotten that to work yet.
  7. Never mind found the answer here.. http://www.modaco.com/lofiversion/index.php/t232954.html I am not sure why i wasn't getting the Device/Storage prompt on the phone before (or maybe i was smoking dope, quite possible).
  8. I am sorry if this is an obvious point, but it is eluding me big time: How do you install a program (such as TCPMP etc) on the mini SD of the Cingular 2125? I have a 2G SanDisk mini SD in there but whenever I install something I never get asked whether I want to install it on the phone or the card - it goes straight to the phone. I have the latest ROM and can explore the SD card from both the phone file explorer and the ActiveSync explorer. TIA
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