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    Existing Customers Ripped off On Service Plans

    Fair do's. I take the comment. If i can, can another user (Dr Who) not make comments that are aimed at csr's (me) who take their job seriously and want to help the customer. I agree with all the posts regarding how bad the new core plans are. And YES i agree that the legnth of time customers are having to wait to get through is frankly awfull. But i belive that we are trying to get things sorted i.e magic numbers,the "unlimited" bundles (3000 mins or texts-read the small print guys) and the 2000 x-net minutes retentions are offering. Give us a chance before slagging us off. I have tried to get through to cs on the phone before to get things on my phone sorted. Is like pulling teeth but as i have to be on the recieving end i do not lose my rag. Be nice and the favour is returned. Its nice to be thanked at the end of a call. It gives you a nice feeling. Live long and prosper. And p.s sporkguy. hope the vending machines are better stocked.
  2. pinky123

    Existing Customers Ripped off On Service Plans

    I do not like getting called rude and poorly trained sir.I do hope you never ring up with that attatude or you will never get anyone to help you. As if a customer calls up and is rude most csr's will endevor not too be nice as you as if you can not be,who cares. I take it personaly the fact you imply that all csr's never call customers back as i will always do what i promise, as i would expect the same if i had to call through. It seems that you make up the very small group of customers that will ring up just to shout at csr's. We are only human and if you had to work on the phones on a night and had to take the abuse from the general public accusing us of having sex with our mothers and doing nasty things to animals (i am making it sound nice but you know what i mean) we do not like taking it and no amount of money makes it worth taking
  3. pinky123

    Existing Customers Ripped off On Service Plans

    Fair comment. Yes i agree the new core plans are pants in my opinion. You get less for the same money :) But look at it this way. You walk into your local ford garage and buy a focus LX. A month later ford decide to include a better set of alloys on the same car. Do you think ford would give you the newer alloys just because they are included on the newer car. I very much doubt it. Its the same with all things you buy. you buy the product at the time and if a better one comes along later tough luck. you are stuck with it. Life sucks :D
  4. pinky123

    Naughty naughty Orange...

    I agree, but if she is wrong why not say it. Does not help the customer if she/he is given conflicting info does it? P.s have i done something to personaly upset you tech? As you seem to have a vendetta against me or is it just Orange?
  5. pinky123

    Give us a break

    Thank you!! I never stared this post to offend anyone,but as i said in a previous reply that it seems like everyone is out to bad mouth us. I like nothing more than to sort a customers problem out and to end the call thinking that i have done everything i could to help them. To get a customer on the phone who cheers you up and makes you happy is fantastic. I even enjoy getting a call that starts with the caller wanting to escalate but sorting the problem out myself and then getting thanked at the end of it. Yes Impy, if someone mocked my accent i would be spitting blood, it is disgusting and i would have been on here to say about it. There is no need to take out your frustrations out on the customer who only called in because h/she has a problem. What sort of advertisement is that for the company you work for. I am sorry if i offended anyone. Live long and prosper
  6. pinky123

    Naughty naughty Orange...

    That is bizzare!!! Though direct upgardes you can still get a upgrade and be on a 12 month contract. Yes i agree she was speaking out of her rear end. I will keep not swearing as i think its a bit rude. As far as i am aware the orange shops are a franchise and not strickly speaking us. Live long and prosper
  7. pinky123

    Nokia 8800 in black on Orange coming soon?

    Please dont. Have you read the reveiws? Its all show and no go. As for us getting it (orange) i very much doubt it. The original was mostly generic and very very expensive. You must remember the old 8910i's we never got those. If you are after phone with a worst battery life get a D600.
  8. pinky123

    I'll answer your questions

    Thank you someone not slagging off the company i love working for!! Live very long and prosper
  9. pinky123

    Give us a break

    The only reason i started this post is that there are plenty of posts slagging the company i work for off but none defending it.
  10. pinky123

    Give us a break

    I am here to defend the company i work for my workmates and my job. It may suprise you to learn i like my job and i like going to work. If i was to come on here and say that the company YOU work for were crap, your workmates were incompantent and you did not know what you were talking about what would YOU do? I think with your atatude you need some anger management.
  11. pinky123

    Give us a break

    Thanks for the reply. I have always done my upmost to help customers. The other night i was on a call which lasted an hour and twenty minutes. I have phoned call centres myself and i will always try to make the call i take with the customer better than the service i got. There has to be a damm good reason why i can not resolve the call there and then. If not i will follow it up and call the customer back. You should try calling when the nightshift is working you will be suprised as we are a different breed. Live long and prosper :)
  12. pinky123

    Give us a break

    Right lets start. I work for Orange on the phones. All i get all night are the same people like you lot who like nothing more than to complain at us saying how rubbish we are. I wish all you people who are leaving orange good luck with your new chums at T-mobile who do not work 24 hrs. So i do hope you never have a problem with your phone,wish to upgrade or have a question about your bill after ten at night or before seven in the morning as you have not got a hope in hell of getting through to anyone. Even if you phone between 07.00 and 22.00 you will get charged 25 pence for the call. The one thing you all need is RESPECT. If you phone up and say you WANT this and WANT that most times you will not get it. How about i would like or any chance of? And do you think that if you wanted for example a M5000 and you only spent about ?20 a month you would stand a chance? ?20 x 12 = ?240 DOH I could go on but hey you want to go thats your choice. As for OVP we are doing you a favour. No other mobile network offers this. So give us all a break who work at Orange. Yes there may be some bad eggs but most of try to help the customer and earn a living. You try doing it. I am sure with most of your attatudes you will be like the csr's you are slagging off. :)
  13. pinky123

    A bit of a rant r.e. Orange Customer services

    Hi. I am here to put the record straight. I work for Orange and we use a system called "talk type". I am sure if you are deaf you would have heard of it. This means that if a deaf individual wishes to hold a conversation it can be relayed through a third party. All of us that work at orange have heard the same thing. " i have been given auth to speak to yourselves". Most times this is genuine but it can also be used if a person is wanting to acsess a account with the intent of fraud. Would you like it if it happened to you? I think not and who would you blame? Us of course. We are only doing our job. :)

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