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    Dead M700 and M600

    The charger I am using is the original supplied with the M700, I tested it with a couple of Motorola's just to make sure it was working. My wife does have a habit of misplacing her charger so you may have spotted what's killing the phones. If the fuse is in the phone I can't fix it, there still under warrentee.
  2. Hi, My wife keeps killing Orange M600s, it looks like she lets the battery go so flat the phone will not recharge them. The charger has been tested and it will charge a couple of Motorolas so it looks alight. She has just killer her third unit and I lent her my 3 month old M700, guess what, she's done the same to that. The battery was not quite dead, the phone would just about boot up before shutting itself down again. The usual symptoms are the the phone is dead, no light come up when plugged into a wall or car charger, or into a PC with a usb lead. If I can't fix this its going to be embarasing to have to go to Orange with two dead phones with the same symptoms at the same time, but I can't figure out what she is doing to kill the phones. All the phones had their original battery.
  3. Hi, I think that I have an unusual problem, my wife is killing Orange spvs at an alarming rate. She has had an M600 for nearly a year and has had to replace 2 as they would not charge after the batter went flat. She has now killed a third one and needed a phone for a trip so I lent her my 700 (only 3 months old). Guess what, she has done the same thing to it. The batteries are the originals as supplied. As far as I can tell, the charger is working, it will charge a couple of motorola razrs we have in the house. The usb connections are working, checked them with the motorolas. I haven't tried the car charger but I don't think it will make any difference. I can turn on my 700 but it dies after 1 minute so the battery is not quite dead yet. If I cant fix this myself its going to be difficult to explain this one to orange, they are both under warentee. Oh, and don't bother suggesting killing the wife, I have already thought of it and have planes in place :->
  4. Sorry had a hiccup, 1st time postin' on this forum, please read the next post

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