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  1. Exodia

    Froyo Unofficially arrives on HTC Desire

    Sweet! I hope this becomes official soon. :)
  2. Im feeling the same way. Why no 850MHz HTC, Why? :D I guess its either wait 6 or more months after launch until it shows up in 850 3G, or get one when it launches and do without 3G (which im doing just fine without for now. haha). Guess i'll be getting one when it drops. :D
  3. Exodia


    Why is it so hard to get the good phones i want with 850mhz 3G? sigh :)
  4. Exodia

    LG Monaco = LG IQ = LG eXpo

    Is it just me, or does winmo in that demo vid appear to be as slow as its always been?
  5. Exodia


    Have a look at the blackstone rom forum at xda devlopers site, it has all the info you'll need on flashing. :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=453
  6. Exodia

    HTC Firestone (Leo) Surfaces

    The Touch HD and Iphone are nearly identical in size/dimensions, so yes, its larger than an Iphone.
  7. Yeah, that UI seems kinda weak compared to whats coming from HTC, Samsung and others. Looks like plain ole winmo is just one touch away. The least they could have done was include a better audio/video player, especially since, like you said, its being classed as a multimedia powerhouse. All that sexy hardware and no sexy software? *pff* ;)
  8. Im using the weather app in spb mobile 2 (and now 3) and was wondering just how much data does it download for its updates. Data over here is insanely expensive and ive gone over my 5mb limit by 20mb, which has cost me an extra $90!! I only use my data for mobile messenger, weather updates and the 'once in a blue moon' google search. Text in messenger couldnt possibly use that much could it?
  9. Exodia

    Text messaging

    Sorry, not that i know of. It would have been nice if touch flo 3d had its own sms composer.
  10. Exodia

    Text messaging

    Yea, the default sms program in 6.1 is pretty basic and doesnt do much with all that screen available on the HD. Ive left threading on since i can have more of a conversation and it makes finding messages easier. Ive also increased the size text input box so that above the keyboard, the screen is split evenly between the sent/received box and the input box. A simple hack i found on xda dev.
  11. Exodia

    Text message size

    The only way to change the text size is to change it in the system settings under Screen but this affects the entire phone, not just sms. All that empty space is there simply because of the massive screen size of the HD.
  12. Exodia

    Deleting SMS

    Thanks S_K, i'll have a look into that.
  13. With the new threaded messages in 6.1, i havent found the need to delete my SMS often but i finally got around to doing it today and my touch hd took nearly half an hour to delete ~2000 messages! Why does this take so long and is there any other way to do it faster? Thanks
  14. Best unboxing vid ive ever seen! LMAO :(
  15. Is there any way to have mobile messenger play notification sounds of received messages? while the program is in the background the default message received sound is played, but while the program is up, there are no sounds. Thanks

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