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  1. I already lost the count of the number of formats and re installs i made of this rom, but it seems that today it works much better than the other times! I installed Titanium backup to uninstall several apk that i don't use. and normally remove even in other roms. After i wrote this post, i look at my phone and it restarted by it one, and dont leave the boot screen! It seems that i'm the only one with this record of reboots! :(
  2. Same here. My restarts several times a day! 60% of time runs extremely well, the other 40% not so smooth and with restarts and lag. Maybe next releases are better. But it has very good power consuption and deep sleep works fine. S2E is a great help.
  3. Is ther any way that with this rom i record my calls? I've already tried several apps bur none worked like anounced! :(
  4. Since i installed this rom V3b following the steps in the first page 2 days ago, i feel like i have a new phone, its very fluid, and with a great minimal batery drain. Thanks for the great work.
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