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  1. ... and slightly OT, I wish ActiveSync could sync by categories. I hate carrying my uber-personal-secret-life details on my phone in case some low-life filches it. Outlook entries with 'private' categories should stay in Outlook!! Anyone know a work around?
  2. Cjay

    Looking For FREE GPS Compass

    Seems it takes a while to get its first direction fix - which can only be done once you have walked far enough. Tried it again this morning, maybe its 50m to the point at which the dials come alive, thereafter updates seem continuous. Chris
  3. Cjay

    Looking For FREE GPS Compass

    VisualGPSce Very handy GPS utility!
  4. Cjay

    Phone vibrate when call answered

    PocketMax phoneAlarm has a vibrate on answer option. Could it be that running in the background? Chris
  5. Which Memory Map program? Maybe there are different MM offerings available - I have Memory-Map OS Edition Version 5.1.3 running fine with this ROM. Only problem is you can't export the whole map region file as the file size is too big. Zooming out and then exporting the visible section works fine. Cjay.
  6. Yep, go into Comm Manager / Settings / Bluetooth, select your device and deselect "Wireless Stereo" HTH!
  7. I have not used Skype before so not 100% sure this is a ROM problem, but trying to load it just now I too get exactly the same message.
  8. Mine seems fine. All the MMS options are accessible: Messaging, Select SMS/MMS, Select (L soft key), Menu (R soft key), MMS options is at bottom of list.... Cjay
  9. If your headset supports A2DP then in my experience all speaker audio gets routed through the bluetooth connection if the "Wireless Stereo" option is checked in the phone bluetooth partnership settings. This can be an advantage or a nuisance - for example if (like me) you use the bluetooth headset to listen to music, then when driving of course all the audio including mission critical alerts such as Cameraware gets routed to the headset. I don't like driving with the earphone plugged in the whole time, so of course you don't hear these alerts! On the other hand the speaker is not very loud, so TomTom Navigator directions are more audible through an earpiece. HTH! Cjay.
  10. Hi, I couldn't find a way to make a ROM copy, but I'm very happy with the new 6.1 version and not found any issues so far. My program set all work fine: TTN6, VxUtil, Cameraware, Google maps, Phone alarm, WiFiFoFum. Up to you in the end, but personally I like the look & feel of this new ROM (and it includes MSN which is something I missed in the original T-Mob Vario III ROM). Good luck!
  11. 1 - Yes, it wipes everything. In some ways this is good, nothing like a fresh start - maybe I didn't really need all those extra programs! 2 - World Card is included, this is new to me so will have to try it out. No Tom Tom teaser, but I will be reloading TT6 anyway. Regds Chris
  12. Oh well, I bit the bullet and did the upgrade - mildly traumatic but my heart rate has settled again. I like the look of WinMo 6.1 so far.....! I'll post back if I end up regretting it!!
  13. Is there any way of backing up the existing ROM (or obtaining an exact image) before taking the plunge with this new one....?
  14. Cjay

    Vyke on Vario2 with WM6

    Yes, I have exactly the same with VykePro on Vario III. I tried Vyke Lite which does install and run, but then I have an intermittent problem that after sending a text I can't seem to edit or clear the To: box to enter another number. I have to close the Midlet and restart it. Also I can't access my address book which is a real pain Chris
  15. No problem in the Covent Garden area, worked fine all day. On a totally different topic I find central London is the only place HSDPA works for me. Cjay

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