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  1. Hi all, this is probably my first post. I've been using KonstaT ROM's for quite a while now, and here's a small contribution. For all of you Sip users who have issues because your carriers use special chars (like +351....) "notice the +" and can't login to your sip servers. This is because android has a bug parsing the username bla bla bla and stuff. Here i post a patched framework.jar, the only modified files were SipHelper and SipPhone. The process was something like build the fixed framework from AOSP, smali this rom's framework, and replace those files with mine, and then repack it. I tested it a couple of times with no issues. http://devil.dynip.sapo.pt/files/framework.jar Best Regards. :D (Sorry for bad english)
  2. Interesting, the pics from http://blog.brightpointuk.co.uk/introducing-zte-libra Are from tmn's (a portuguese SP) A5 (i have one) And these ones (the first gen, like mine) came with eclair, and are now coming with 2.2, but ginger... strange
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