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  1. Yes. Connect the phone to the PC. Browse the phone to Windows and find Medianet.lnk and Celluar Video.lnk. Copy the files to your PC. Use Notepad to open and edit the files. Input the path to whatever app you want, save, and copy back to your phone.
  2. Bought a Matrix Pro online. Tried to "application unlock" it via SDA Unlocker, which has worked on all my previous phones, and got an error message saying the phone was unlockable. Tried to edit the security policies via a registry editor and it wouldn't allow me. Installed MS Security Configuration Manager and saw that the phone has two tier security in play. Anyone have any idea how to application unlock this phone? As it stands now, I can't install flash lite 3.1, can't get rid of the icons in the start menu that I don't use (i.e. all of AT&T's junk), etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. There is a quicker way. You can find the bandselect file in Windows and create a shortcut in Start Menu. You can then just select it from your Start Menu and select GSM 850, 1900 or WCDMA. Somone at HOFO figured this out (sorry I would give credit but can't remember who). If you want to use the same menu as the code entry method brings up, you can do the same process with adminsettings.
  4. Aren't these the same guys that did TCPMP, i.e. isn't this the commercial version of the same product? If so, I don't that we'll be seeing any new release of TCPMP. That wouldn't make sense. Assuming the above is true we'd only see CorePlayer releases.
  5. I found the file. It was a gif image in \windows. I changed its color and rebooted and it is now the color I want. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Anyone know how to change the color of the screen that appears once you have dialed a number and are on a call? Normally the screen is blue but on the S620 it's green. I'm guessing it's an XML screen that can be edited but I don't know which XML file it is. Anyone know?
  7. "You're a freak, Spock. A freak. You belong in a circus right next to the dog-faced....boy."
  8. Don't give up hope that easily! Apparently, the SGH I607, an quad band GSM, UMTS/HSDPA variant of this phone is coming to Cingular. There was a write up on Engadetmobile.com.
  9. What settings did you use? I tried some of the DNS addresses but it made no change for me using a 2125 on Cingular.
  10. There is a large thread on HOFO regarding this. The manual lists the phone as GSM 900/1800/1900 and UMTS 2100. Now, on HTC's website they list it as GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and Tri band UMTS, but having used one in Houston in a 3G area, I can tell you that not only could the phone not find Cingular's UMTS network, it couldn't even find their 850 GSM network. As best I could tell, the phone was pulling from a 1900 tower and showing the roaming icon leading me to believe that it was an old ATT tower. Check your box and manual. It states "quad band" but then lists GSM 900/1800/1900/UMTS 2100 as the "quad band." Very disappointing if this is all true.
  11. Hi, I think they changed the behavior so that it will stay connected unless you disconnect it through the Comm Manager. It may have something to do with push email, but I'm not sure. If you don't know already, you can scroll down one section on the homescreen and press and you'll be taken directly to the Comm Manager, and you can also just press and hold the Home key.
  12. There are many, many people experiencing the missed calls. Just go to Howardforums.com and there is a lenghty thread. It happens when the phone is undisturbed for 30 minutes or more. It just stops receiving calls and even if the person leaves a voice mail the voice mail icon will not display on the phone. Appears to be Qtek and not Dopod. Some people don't experience it because they leave the data connection active or have email that is pulling every 30 minutes etc so the phone never really goes into "deep sleep." HTC has been notified of the problem but I haven't heard anything about a fix as of yet.
  13. I noticed that on the 8310, when you scroll using the joystick there is no clicking noise. However, on the SP5 there is. I'm sure it's just set up differently on the different ROMs. Is there a setting, or more likely a reg hack, that will disable JUST the audible feedback when scrolling in IE or the start menu, that will not disable all system sounds? Thanks.
  14. PTab will allow you to create, view and edit Excel files. Profimail will allow you to attach most any file and send via email.
  15. Because it's a sleek, WM5 flip smartphone. Some people just prefer flips and there aren't a lot of choices if you are looking for a smartphone, and even less if you want it to be WM5. I think it has the potential to be a hot item if a carrier picks it up.
  16. The SP5 ROM works fine on the Cingular 2125 as well. Been using it for days with no problems. In fact, it has better overall performance than the Cingular ROM.
  17. If $ is not a consideration, then definitely go with the 2125. Better OS, better screen, better keys, EDGE if available in your area... you get the idea. I had the 5600 before the 2125 and the 2125 is quite a step up.
  18. Try Mobipocket. I've used it on an 8310 and 2125. Works great. Not sure what formats it supports other than .prc ( I had a bunch from my Palm OS days, and to my suprise Mobipocket reads them on WM)
  19. Yep. I got the message that it did, and then rebooted but nothing changed. I'll try it again but if anyone knows the reg edit trick, please let me know.
  20. I tried that but only saw the option for "cleartype" in general. I loaded the .cab file onto my phone and rebooted but nothing happened. Did I miss a step?
  21. I did a search but couldn't come up with a defintive answer. I would like to disable Cleartype on an SMT 5600. I tried Customcabbage but it didn't work. I read somewhere, maybe on this forum, that you could change it by using a reg editor to change a value somewhere from 1 to 0 or vice versa, but I couldn't find the post again. Can anyone help?
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