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  1. I have an imate sp5. Downloaded this app from the web to trial it as it looks like exactly what I'm after. However, it fails to install. Any ideas why this could be ?
  2. Apologies if someone has posted this before - couldn't find anything. I'd like my Tornado/SP5 Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone to only display the words text messages when there is an unread message (as it does for outlook). Don't know anything about changing the registry but think I read somewhere that this will be the solution. Has anyone got the patience to describe what I need to do? Cheers
  3. Hi John Great app you have....but would I have to input the dates again as new alerts or will it pick them up from my contact fields...in which case I'll be buying it today !!!! Paul
  4. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions, however ...the first one looks like a full Agenda management tool which I'm not after and which would only remind me a few hours before the birthday. ...the second on (Kai's) doesnt show anything on the today screen (I think) and does either birthdays, or anniversaries - not both. Not sure the product I'm after exists for the smartphone - any other suggestions greatly appreciated!
  5. Have been a PPC user for years but this year made the switch from PPC to Smartphone. My smartphone can do pretty much everything that I used the PPC for and is considerably smaller so I'm a happy man. The one thing I cannot find anywhere is a birthday reminder for my today screen - I don't use Outlook but I do have hundreds of contacts for whom I have saved a birthday in their contact. I'm rubbish at remembering these and PPC have several today apps that remind you x days in advance so you don't forget. Can't believe I'm the only bloke who's rubbish at this type of thing - anyone know of a solution !!!!
  6. pna

    Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 released

    Thanks for the advice....not sure I did anything but this morning it started working perfectly with my bt headset. Very happy. Only think I can't do at the mo is set it up to a hard button. Any suggestions?
  7. pna

    Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 released

    The calendar items seem to work fine either reading out next appointment or the whole day. It also has no problem with the Queen's English. It has yet to get any instruction wrong.
  8. pna

    Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 released

    I'm using it with an Imate SP5 or Tornado. have installed to main memory and it's not slowed the phone up noticably. Can't find a way of assigning a hard key to it....would like to use the connections key (on the top left hand side of the phone). Also, still have no idea how to get it working with my jabra jx10. Started to look for help from Microsoft yesterday but most info only relates to 1.5, and then they wanted to charge me £70 for technical advice - for a product that cost less than £30 - having a laugh.
  9. pna

    Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 released

    Just bought it and put it on phone. Used to use it on PPC. Works much the same and is brilliant....I love it. Only had it on phone 10 mins....have a couple of issues already but sure they will work through: 1. Not sure how to get it to work with my bluetooth headset (Jabra JX10). 2. Can't seem to assign it to a hard button (want to use the connections button on my SP5) but do have an icon for it on my quick launch. Been waiting ages for this so hope I can now solve 1 & 2 !
  10. For what it's worth, I tend to get a bit app happy and load too much on. So, having bought a new device, i've tried to minimise apps to those I find essential, including: 1. TomTom 5 - why have this phone without this brilliant software? 2. TCPMP - for watching stuff whilst bored on the train 3. Magic Button - (BUT I'D LOVE TO KNOW IF THERE'S A WAY TO CHANGE THE COLOUR OF THIS TO MATCH THE SKIN) 4. Microsoft Voice Command - brilliant for voice dialling 5. Phone Alarm - clear indication of calls, emails etc 6. PowerStatus - a tiny freeware app that shows battery and memory visually on all screens without taking up any space (4k) or screenspace Will definately try and get intellipad but can't seem to install it properly. Am now looking for a good game !?
  11. I'm getting the same thing...it's really frustrating and the person I last dialled is getting fed up of me redialling from my pocket !!! It would be great to have the device go to standby and then stay there until a particular button is pushed (e.g. the camera button). It would be good if this was even the case for new SMS's etc. I'd like to be able to be able to pull it out of my pocket, switch it on to check for SMS etc, and then switch it off again (when I hadn't received any !!!). Anyone got a solution !?
  12. pna

    Phone Pad alternative?

    Just bought an A701 - brilliant phone....but also wanted intellipad. Downloaded from here, installed direct to device, but no sign of it at all when I click the keyboard icon (even after a soft reset). Sounds like I'm not the only one - has anyone come up with a reason for this as yet?

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