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  1. I might look into this, but I only pay £5 for my Premium BB as it is, so does that mean o2 can pay me £2 a month ? :)
  2. I belive that is a limitation of the Windows mobile platform rather than Skype
  3. With the new 3G iphone having Exchange support, some numpties at my work want them, which means IT have to test them, which means I get one to use, but I want to move all my texts across from my Kaiser to the iphone. But my google skills are weak at the moment, so can anyone help? Thanks Kimbie PS. No Kasier better than iphone stuff :D
  4. I thought when o2 did this they didn't give 30 days notice of the change? I would certainly be interested in getting out of my t-mob contract due to it dont work in my office :( Let us know how you get on can you Thanks Kimbie
  5. Same here, unless the V4 has some utterly spectatcualr features that puts it head and shoulders above the V3 I wont be getting it simfree, unless of course my v3 has an accident. But since I cant get a signal in my office, the odds are I will bin T-Mobile as soon as I can though Kimbie
  6. Well if this is out not the Vario 5 should be out next year when im due to upgrade :D
  7. So what TomTom are basically saying, version 7 will only come embedded in the ROM of a phone, and not avalible as a box product from their website? If so time to upgrade my CP6 to CP7 Kimbie
  8. The Raphael looks ok, but disappointed with the lack of a tilt on the screen, got to like that on my Kaiser. It will be interesting to see how it compares to teh X1 when it comes out, but since im not due to upgrade till start of next year I thik I should have some good choices, of course by that time we might have iphone ver3 Kimbie
  9. Have my phone showing 1 unread message in SMS/MMS however I can not see it, it is not in any of hte folders, I have tried a soft reset, it haws happened after tmobile sent out that picture message the other week Any ideas of how to get rid of it? Kimbie
  10. I was under the impression Japan uses a differnet network to the rest of the world CDMA i belive, so GSM based phones will not work on their system. Regards
  11. Its a widely known fact that video playback sucks, however I am able to stream divx files over the interweb and play them back without any problems. Kimbie
  12. How does the intergrated Outlook SMS feature, work with the threaded SMS in WinMo 6.1? Kimbie
  13. Looks like mine has just packed up, so what is the best bluetooth headset on the market to use with the Kaiser baring in mind it has a low bluetooth volume. Regards Kimbie
  14. No that is not what Im saying, what I am saying is you are stuck in a 1 year contract with the iphone, what I object to is the way Jobs treats the public. Same thing happened in the states, released it, 6 weeks later chopped $100 off the price, and granted they did get a rebate, but what I do not agree with is the releasing of a product then 3 months releasing the SAME product with a bigger hard drive in it. Kimbie
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