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  1. Confusion reigns...... A friend of mine came over the other day and my HF800 Bluetooth car kit was playing up (no audio coming out even though the other side could hear me), I had taken it apart and checked connections - nothing happening. He had a play with it and it worked! (I'd already ordered a new one off eBay). Today, I'd tried every scenario above and said to him "look at this expensive doorstop", as I pulled it out of my bag, the screen came on, and rebooted.... It's now working fine and I've reinstalled everything from my backup. Lesson 1 of the week, I'll keep away from technology this week (difficult given my job). Lesson 2 of the week, I'm hiring out my friend to stand and look at all technology that is playing up!
  2. I'm going to try it on AC direct later today (now I've picked up my USB cable with the adaptor on it), and I'll try both the hard reset and to reach the bootloader screen. However at the moment, with a freshly charged battery in it, even attempting to get the bootloader screen doesn't work :) I guess a phone call to Orange may be in order this afternoon as it's still insured, didn't really want to have to go down that route but hey - it's either that or I have an expensive doorstop!
  3. Almost.... I've tried.. - Charging spare battery and putting it on device - no response when switched on at all. - Charging in cradle (red flashing charging LED)- obviously I can't get to the reset button from there to do a reset at the same time. - Charging on USB (red flashing charging LED) - Hard and Soft Reset does nothing. Also tried no battery for 5 hours in the hope it would wipe itself (why does it do it all the time when I don't want it to, and now I can't make it do it?). Help!
  4. Tried that - on both batteries.... It's currently sat in the charging unit with a full battery and just the red led flashing, very regularly :)
  5. Hi, My SPV M2000 won't boot, won't react to a hard reset essentially won't do anything. Two days ago it flashed up on me battery low... I was miles away from a power source so let it be - safe in the knowledge that my backup was intact on the SD. Today I try to power it back up to allow me to go to a wedding tomorrow, and I can't get a thing out of it: - On battery, the reset button and the power button together has no effect. - In the cradle the charge light just flashes red (I've even charged a battery to full in the spare battery charger and plugged it into the device!). I'm quite happy to go through a full reset but can't make it happen - any advice (especially before I'm stuck without it for the whole day tomorrow!) would be seriously appreciated!! Thanks in Advance!

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