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  1. I'm having the same problem. Repairing it by a proffessional costs over €90!!! I would like to do it myself. Does anyone knows where to buy spare parts and how to install?
  2. I'm looking for something like this: http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=140811&am...=open#technical I only found this for Motorola... Does somebody knows if this works on IMATE SP5 also??
  3. Hi! I'm having a problem with my IMate SP5 (qteck 8310) smartphone. Yesterday my mini-jack connector went down. A little piece of the internal copper of the connector fell out! Consequence: I only hear music through one of my headset ears. I''m trying to find a solution for the problem, since repairing the connector is very expensive I think. Maybe I can try to listen to music over bluetooth. Does somebody know a cheap device for that? I also wonder if it is possible to listen to music using the USB mini connector. Maybe somebody knows a mini-usb to mini-jack adapter?? If you've got other ideas how to listen to music without using the mini-jack connector, i'd be very pleased if you helped me!!
  4. Hi there, Can someone tell me how I can view my SMS messages on my computer and how I can save them on my computer, so I can clean up my SMS phone memory?? I've got a IMATE SP5 (windows Mobile 5) tnx! :)
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