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  1. The simple way to change those links is to go to your exe that want to start using file explorer from windows mobile and do this: menu->file->create shortcut and you place it in windows folder. After that you go in windows folder and rename the shortcut in Short_pop/ Long_pop or what evere button you want to use. I did this and replaced internet explorer with opera.
  2. Hi. I'm having this stupid problem, I can't find a way to edit this value "Max Sending", mine is 100K.
  3. Hi stargate. "Watch tv" isn't working; WMP starts and after a few seconds a get this error: An unknown error 0x8007274C has occurred.
  4. He is right, I just deleted 900 k from phone memory. I don't know what that cache.cab is but i belive it's doing the same thing: Make a new folder somewhere else on storage card ( I did mine in Storage Card\Program Files\Iexplorer this is the place where cache will be downloaded. Start your reg editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\shell Folders\Cache (pres values when you get to shell Folders) Edit Cache value and enter the new path "Storage Card\Program Files\Iexplorer " in my case. Delete the existing cache from "windows\profiles\guest\Tempo......
  5. Hi. I have a stupid question but is very important for me. Is there anyway to edit a number without saving it to the phone. Example: I receive a call from 0723870923 and i can find this number on received call list. In my phone network I can call cheap if that guy is a student, but to do that I have to place * before the number(remember, I don't want that phone number saved). Another thing that "stupid smartphones" doesn't have is the possibility to erase one number from the whole number. :D Am i right or I don't know where to look ?
  6. I can't find the program on my phone. I have PSV C600 wm5. How can i start the program? If i reinstall, the program creats a folder "program" on my start menu but its empty.
  7. Can you make an option for this program that reduce the light after an hour set by me (let's say 9 PM) and makes the light screen default after 7 AM ?
  8. Hello Ifor. I'm want to buy sniper from smartphone.net but this is what i get: I am from Romania and my credit card is Visa Electron. Can I use this type of credit card?
  9. Thank you very much. My only problem is that I don't have a card reader. I understand from here that I can use ItsUtils suite to save that *.bin file on my computer. What i need to know: 1: Can I use a digital camera or my phone to connect the sd card to the computer? 2: What is the rom size for spv c600 ( .) What does he mean by ?
  10. Hello. I'm new around here. I searched this forum but I don't have so much time so please excuse me this time. I want to make a back up rom for my SPV C600. Can some one give me link to a tutorial or something
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