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  1. yeah it's really annoying.. good job though B)
  2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=368798
  3. thats SOTI pocket controler or something, not free try my mobiler..
  4. I'm syncing my outlook to google calender (google calender sync) and google to my phone (goosync).. works great
  5. Cool you solved it already :-) I'll try to see if I can add this functionality to a future version
  6. Just let me know the applications I'll take a look at it, for now they are.. File explorer Skyfire Programs -=edit=- Just tested for the 3 above programs but everything works like it should... btw what is the "main menu" you mention? Already taken careof in version 0.0024 ;-) It will add the application only if it is not in the list yet
  7. Thanks that was what I wanted to check. Please note that adding this empty entry will stop any application without a caption/appname there is a txt file in the install directory which you can edit. also don't forget to run apptodate one in a while ;-)
  8. LOL you got that right ;-) I'll try to install the cab on an emulator, maybe that works...
  9. Is there an installer anywhere? I need to try it myself...
  10. I don't use Manilla2D but it should work the same as described above (I've edited the first post) Could you give it a go?
  11. I really like the auto rotation that the Omnia provides, unfortunatly it doesn't play nice with some applications So I was looking for way to exclude those applications, this brought me to Rotation Service But this was much more than I needed and the configuration was not for me, so I build my own application... The top part will fill as you use the application, and when you select an application name (and click the button) it will add it to the exception list (bottom part).. that's it :-) I still need to change some things, but it is usable already Let me know what you think or what you like to see added. I was thinking to add the 4 different modes, 0, 90, 180 and 270, per application, the reason is because of the below. if you are going from an allowed application to a not allowed application the screen will stay in that orientation, e.g. you are using App X in landscape, and switch to a not allowed application the screen will stay in landscape. edit, just a little more instructions. The top part shows the applications that have been used, when you first start the program the top part is empty. What I would do is run the program, and continue to use your Omnia like you normally would. when you com across an application that should not rotate activate OmniaOrientation and select the application from the top part and click the add button this will add an exception for that application. Some application, like Manilla2Ddon't have a window name, you will need to add an empty string onorder to exclude this application, but please note this will exclude all applications which use an empty string. OmniaOrientation.cab
  12. Hey Tony, I've got a question for you, not completely G1 related though How does it work in the US in regards to getting a subsidized phone like the G1? In the past someone could walk in the Apple store but a iphone go home and activate it (which required you to sign up for the subscription) now Apple changed this, you need to signup in the store. But is Apple the only one with this policy or do all the operators work like this? Thanks
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