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  1. If you go through the "My Stuff" link in the Start menu it won't show. Go to the "Applications" folder and use the File Explorer. It'll show the .cab
  2. I just installed SPB Diary, SPB Weather, Wizbar Advance 2, and Resco Explorer w/ today plugin. I had it set up to run Wizbar on startup on a soft reset, but i disabled that due to it taking me about 30 tries to get it to boot. I saw elsewhere that people are reporting compatibility issues w/ SPB Diary. Anyone think this may be the problem? It still takes about 5 minutes for it to boot, even with Wizbar not booting automatically. Just trying to see if anyone has heard of this...
  3. Searched and couldnt find this anywhere. Just got a new Cingular 8125. When I put a new contact directly in the phone it automatically lists it in my contact list last name first. For example it shows up as "Smith, Bob" when I want it to show up as "Bob Smith" Where do I change this? is it in outlook or on the phone? Thanks ahead.
  4. this stand WILL support a mpx220 in the charge and sync aspects. It will NOT charge a spre battery for this phone.
  5. Lookie!! He He, not really me obviosly, but a nifty coincidence (note my avatar...)! Any body else ever find anything that kinda sorta seems like it relates to them? post a link!!!
  6. To clear things up, this was orignally a stand for phones like the v600 and others that have the same port on the bottom. It does fit the mpx220 because of the motorola style port on the bottom in lieu of the usb port. It has been available for close to a year now (didn't see why this was news worthy) at about $30 on the motorola site, or $10-$20 on ebay. It has a data port and a charger port on the back. Good luck with it, but it looks pretty cheap to me. PS- All chargers for motorola phones and headsets should be universal within the motorola brand now. T720, v600, v400, v220, hs810... These ALL should use the same charger and data cables.
  7. Alright this phone is starting to annoy me... I swapped for the newest rom update @ best buy, now none of the software I install is working because it's not "digitally signed with a trust certificate". I have never had a phone that is software locked (had an at&t mpx200 before this) so I'm not sure if that's the problem or not. What process would I need to take to unlock this phone? Any help with this would be much appreciated as the phone is pretty well useless if it's unable to run any software I want. PS- Anybody have any idea if the XDA mini will be coming to cingular?
  8. Interestingly enough, I had originally requested this app over a month before you and I had no luck either! (link at bottom) Too bad my new mpx220 is app locked so now I can't even use the program... which is why I stopped making soundboards... :evil: Original request
  9. No, only WMP will play WMV files!! geez, settle down with the font size! :wink:
  10. Unless you can get a copy of the rom and make changes to it, the only way to change things like this is through the registry. At this time nobody (including myself) has been able to find anything in the registry that would allow this. Not saying it can't be done, but at this point with the knowledge we have, nobody knows how.
  11. Search the site, primarily the "mpx220" section. this has been covered pretty well...
  12. This is not the place to ask that question. Our forum will not support the aquisition of illegal roms. The only way to legally possess a rom is if you own the rights to it. My suggestion is to try google, search for legal ways to obtain rom images of games you own. PS- there are a few free legal roms out there as well... just homebrew stuff...
  13. If you guys haven't figured it out yet, you wont' be allowed to ask Guardian for the ROM on this board. Use your brain, you don't want to give this board a bad name do you?
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