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  1. Hi, There are a lot of applications that works very well compare to original WM's applications. Applications such as OMNIA lite calendar or vito-sms , silverinbox n so on. I believe many ppls like myself dont have any idea how can we set as a default application that able to point from TITANIUM PANEL to the desire application. I have tried many method but failed to launch from TITANIUM panel, is there any Guru able to guide us through? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Is there a way to make all OmniaLite apps as default apps? Apps such as calendar that able to launch on Titanium panel. thanks, Eric
  3. Hi Stev, first thanks for yr great rom. I am tested on yr LITEPURE version, is possible that u show me how to set Omnia lite's calendar able to set as default calendar and also silverinbox application also set as default SMS? Doesnt like the WM original applications :D Thanks again Eric
  4. Hi Владик, I dont know but it was come with custome ROM n latest it was removed.
  5. Firs Hi cmalone, Firstly thanks for your contribution. I got blank white screen after I run MSN weather, any idea what I did wrong? I installed as following: 1. add_widget_engine_v2.cab, then reboot 2. enable_widgets_wm6.5.cab 3. MSN weather i am on wm6.5 23064 ROM. Eric
  6. HI, Anyone know where I able to download MSN Widgets such as MSN Weather or MSN Money?
  7. Hi, I got the same white screen after I changed on HKLM... any idea?
  8. Hi, Firstly, thanks for great applications. Secondly, RSS reader is working great except a message "RSS reader does not support SHGH-I900 Officially" appear when u click on the RSS application. Anyone know how to disable this message? Appreciate all you afford and time to do these great application. Thank you again guys. Eric
  9. Hi Ryrry, Thanks for the great Lite version but the media player unable to play mp4 files. Anyone able to help?
  10. Hi, I got error when I launched it, any idea how to fix it? BTW, I on 23052 ROM.
  11. Hi, I found these news over the internet but I am not sure how true is that. http://www.cellaz.com/news/4894/samsung-om...bile-65-update/ http://www.samsung-omnia.org/rom-discussio...rvice/msg59013/
  12. Hi, Today is release date for WM6.5, do anyone know that OMNIA get free upgrade?
  13. Hi DDDRKO, Firstly thanks very much for your great CUST ROM (23041). Would very appreciate if you able to make a installer CAB for above themes. Thanks again. Eric
  14. Hi DDDRKO, I followed exactly on above settings but date still not appearing on main homescreen. I am on 23031 of your ROM.
  15. Hi DDDRKO, Installed 23031 looks great and very nice UI but there are still some bugs. i. Titatium Favorite Contact plug-in - contact image distorted and same happen when incoming call. ii. Volumn buttons (located on right side) not working anymore. iii. HTC keypads not working anymore - cause phone halted. iv. HTC task manager is overlay with clock. v. Most 3rd party keypads is overlay with low bar. vi. Some settings UI are overlay with scroll bar. I will report if I found out more on this ROM. BTW, your ROM still the best compare to others n thank you for been sharing. cheers, Eric
  16. Hi, I just upgrade from 23003 to 23017 so far not much different between these 2 version. BTW, last time I copy some xx.cpr file to windows folder to fix the lockscreen clock that cut off at bottom but I cannot find it anywhere. Any idea?
  17. Hi, Thanks for the help but changing registry it wont open SMS-CHAT when I clicked on Titatium 6.5 homescreen link. anyone know how to edit titatium homescreen?
  18. Hello, Do anyone able to change Titanium-CTEXT from default SMS application to SMS-CHAT program? If yes, could you guide me through? Best regards, Eric
  19. Hi. I tested on 21815 - which it was great in term of stable and bug free. Present on 23001 - which improving on files displaying (more finger friendly) on external application not only file explorer but power hungry. Anyone facing power problem on 23001? EDIT: Found out that an application is running on background. Hopefully this root cause. Tonight I am going to upgrade 23003 - and hopefully it solved on power hungry ;) Eric ps: I love the big icons but sadly is not all icons are sharp enough :D
  20. How to change CText shortcut from default SMS application to SMS-Chat? Thanks! Best regards, Eric
  21. I guess I am still stuck with default SMS application. Eric PS: I was search around yesterday on other forums and managed to change the setting (.....\:MSINBOX to SMS-CHAT), which enabled default SMS to SMS-CHAT except on WM6.5 Homescreen section ;) Any idea guys?
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