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  1. could someone dump there mmcblk0p2 open terminal type su cat dev/block/mmcblk0p2 >/sdcard/efs.img and upload please thanks
  2. Has enyone tryed using keyboard to see if we can get into bios Also found www.slatedroid.com/topic/106914-windows-81-restore-partition-from-usb/
  3. Please could people upload there update.zip
  4. I found out that moving the apk's to data thay install fine by the looks of it the sdcard dose not set the right permissions eg rw-rw-r
  5. In your superuser zip the update-sript set wrong permissions eg system/switch/Sense
  6. boot fone into bootloader and then use brick fix in my tool
  7. I did this before and it came to me that mmcblk0 did not contain any unlock code
  8. hi ain't been in how's my tool going? also thanks for the donations
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