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  1. hi could sum1 pls help me?sorry 4 soundin short but im typin from my c500. i wud like 2 use my c500 as a modem 4 my laptop with my laptop.i hav activated the modem link on c500 and it appears as a standard modem via ir link on my laptop but it just doesnt seem 2 wrk on.am i missin anything?thanks.
  2. I hope you did - I'm just itching to get my hands on one of these. Until yesterday it looked like I would've had to wait until Xmas to get one but managed to talk my fiance into getting me one for my Bday (Oct 30th). Only 48 days to go!!
  3. i'd like the idea if you had bluetooth functionality - so you can have ur pets play or fight (my preference) with other pets. Maybe even have ur pets physically appear on each other's screens when playing or fighting each other.
  4. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone cud help me. Im trying to download some homescreens but keep getting the anti-leech message. Im stuck behind a firewall but i cant temporarily disable it as suggested because it is an actaul physical firewall. Is there anyway around this? many thanks.
  5. I quite like the idea of having a few local meets with local members (even if it's only at a local pub). Just for the fact that it would make a big meeting much easier to go to. I must admit i probably wouldn't have gone if it weren't for the fact ath one of my mates was also a member and we could very easily travel to 52 degrees north in Brum. Also, paying £10 up front that later gets turned into my raffle tickets would be fine by me. I was amazed that it was all free at the last meet and so felt compelled to do my bit and put £10 on raffle tickets (won me a nice Microsoft jacket). If it did go the way a few people here have said, and we have local meets then a big annual meet. It would certainly be of benefit because if the next meet was in London or Leeds (as people have suggested), me and my friend probably wouldn't be able to make it, whereas, if there were a few more of us, costs of hiring a minibus, etc. Don't seem too steep.
  6. Am i correct in thinking that the main change in the new ROM will be the addition of WM10?
  7. Try using a snes/nes emulator i used to play a mario game on my E200 with the nes emulator i think. Just remember not to ask anyone here where to download ROMs, you can only have a copy of a ROM if you already own that game.
  8. On a daily basis i only carry my C500 around (and my wallet and car keys ;) ). i agree that individual devices will always be one step ahead of all-in-one devices but i do think that the further we go the smaller that step will be. Then of course, you get to the point where, to the average consumer, there is no dicernable difference between, say, the media abilities of an all-in-one and individual device. Therefore, it will come down to price difference, if the inidividual costs less than the all in one, then surely the average consumer will go the the individual? Having mentioned my wallet, wouldn't it be great if one day an all-in-one would include it being a "credit card" of sorts. Imagine you go into a shop buy your things then the receipt/invoice is beam wirelessly to your phone/all-in-one device, you type in your pin number and your screen doubles as a thumb print scanner. Anyway i dream on. Personally i think the most limiting technological factor at the moment is battery life, while i've heard about toshiba's invention (the battery that charges to 80% in 60 seconds), this isn't all that handy if you're the sort of person that normally sticks their phone on charge over-night any way.
  9. Hi, Staying loosely on topic, does can anyone recommend a meter for the C500. Ive been looking on and off for a while now and really want one that can monitor calls,sms,gprs,etc with alerts. Do any programs exist that can do all that on the C500 at the moment? Thank you.
  10. Not sure if this helps or not but if you follow the following menus: >Settings >Data Connections >Then Press Menu>Options There is and idle disconnect option that disconnects you after a certain period of inactivity. Having said that mine is on "None" and so should stay connected constantly, but i have experienced the disconnection after a short period of idleness in msn but it doesn't disconnect everytime. Anyway, I hope this helps or is at least worth looking at.
  11. Just got home and thought i'd giv the demo a try (only limits you to a couple of mins of footage). But when i play it the audio and video is out of sync. So atm it's not looking promising. im gonna try another couple of videos and see what happens. I'll let you know if i have any luck.
  12. Mobile Media Maker Has any one else tried this handy looking piece of software? Is it really any good? I'm at work atm and can't download the trial. But as someone who has converted a fair few media files to watch on my smartphone this program looks great.
  13. 1) Smart Explorer - Something this good should be on the phone already. 2) Worms - it's just so damn addictive - although it was better on my E200 due to the C500 not being able to recognise a keypress while im pressing another one!!
  14. I have had this problem before but have never figured out why it happens or what causes it. I just reconnect and try again and it tends to work.
  15. I just saw this thread and was going to suggest this tone, it's great. Only recently started watching 24 (season 4) and had to be sad and get this ring tone straight away, nice and short and sounds cool. :D
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