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  1. alncool

    It's Q2, any news on LG ICS update?

    +1 Paul can you check your LG contact for a leak please ? We really need those Tegra drivers compiled for ICS to have almost perfect ROM right now...
  2. alncool

    For Paul: v20O

    @mparack Hey, I really hope this is a relyable source. Since i've changed my 622 BB for a newer one it's like something has damaged the signal/reception on my O2X. I tried to get back to my older BB but still horrible horrible quality call/reception. Even with V20xxx official series, using LG's upgrading soft etc.. Well ICS is a great news but i would like to be able to use my phone as a real phone first! I wish LG will release something that fix that problem soon, really !
  3. Hey Paul, Hope you did not modify post #2 about member kitchen 'cause, member one is on post #6. Yeah i was confused at the begining because in between of those two kitchens, there are some user's post so... At first time i did not understand why i had to register my mail as i am a adsfree user and i did not see the #6 th post where the member kitchen really is ! ;)
  4. Can someone upload the last 725 (V20l version) baseband version to another place than filesonic please ? I can't access to that website from my workplace :'(
  5. Hey Paul can you take a look for the member mode kitchen ? It does not update like the free kitchen yet... Thank's for your support ;)
  6. About the Screen configuration FC ... Are you sure to include all packages used by the assitant ? For example if you drop "email" when the assistant will be on the email step, it will FC so... Maybe it's normal ^^
  7. Amazing ! Looking forward this excellent ROM. Hope i'll be able to play with it today :P
  8. It seems that there is a new baseband from Italia : 0725 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1209841 Any info about it Paul ?
  9. alncool

    Kitchen save/restore not working for me

    neither me ! It has never worked, even on older FR builds. I'm using Chrome last stable version (v12).
  10. Check the md5 to be sure you have a clean zip file! Hey Guys If you stuck at the LG logo try these thing: 1) pull off the battery, wait few sec than power on... 2) use Paul utility to convert EXT4 to EXT3 filesystem before restoring your stock backup 3) use nvflash with v10C to recover everything if other solutions don't work. Good luck !
  11. alncool

    Need Help my O2x Stuck in LG logo

    Sorry i mistooked the version. It was about V10B. You can grab it on the stickies: http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...062-15-03-2011/ Also follow this tutorial to install properly nvflash drivers before running flash.bat http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...s-links-active/ I'm not an expert but nvflash format each partition before flashing so it reverts to EXT3 filesystem. That's why i managed to recover my corrupted bootloader. But I don't think it's possible to convert the partitions that already contain EXT4 data. When Paul will be back he will certainly answer the question :mellow:
  12. alncool

    LG2X and CWMR = loop boot on LG ...!

    Hey guys, for this Paul have done a ZIP package to convert EXT4 to EXT3 from the recovery. http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...r-back-to-ext3/ When you want to revert to a stock rom no need to nvflash, just use that package first and the retore your stock backup.
  13. alncool

    Need Help my O2x Stuck in LG logo

    @Paul could you make a flashable image of the stock bootloader please ? I saw that you've done a zip package for ROM Manager but it does not help to recover from our situation ... (no device boot + impossible to access Recovery) Thank's a lot :mellow: EDIT: OK I did not noticed that the full image of v10c contains stock recovery too. I've flashed the device and now running fine ^^
  14. alncool

    Need Help my O2x Stuck in LG logo

    Hi everyone, I did also same thing and my device is now stuck on LG logo too. I had CMW modified by Paul before and i did an installation of bootloader from Rom Manager for optimus 2x. Than i wanted to reboot into recovery and got stuck to logo... So i guess this bootloader has something wrong and i installed nvflash to restore everything. I try a sync command and here is what i get: C:\NVFlash>nvflash --sync Nvflash started rcm version 0X20001 System Information: chip name: unknown chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 3 chip sku: 0xf chip uid: 0x0280408844804157 macrovision: disabled hdcp: enabled sbk burned: false dk burned: false boot device: emmc operating mode: 3 device config strap: 0 device config fuse: 17 sdram config strap: 0 command failure: no bootloader was specified Is it safe to restaure the v10b image from this state? I don't know if it contains recovery too. Is there a nvflash image of the recovery somewhere ? Or maybe there is another method to go back to stock ? I can't access to the bootloader anymore with power+vol down key ... I pulled off the battery for few minutes and it did not change anything... Thank you

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