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  1. im currently trying to take apart my imate sp3 but one of the screws is stuck and i cant get it undone, its the screw that is just underneath where the battery connects to the phone, does anyone know how i can loosen it?
  2. Could someone tell me the folder that you put ringtones in on a C500?
  3. thanks mate, also do you know where i can get a copy of the latest qtek 8010 rom as my qtek 8010's imei is not accepted on the site
  4. i have tried updating my Imate SP3 with the Orange C500 Rom, it updates fine but once it has updated it still loads up with all the Imate logos etc, Could someone tell me if i am doing this right?
  5. Does anyone know what kind of screwdriver is needed to remove the screws in a c500, is it a T6 screwdriver?
  6. Ive tried all the Qtek sites but it still doesnt accept the imei, is there any way i can get hold of the latest Qtek 8010 ROM, as i have looked everywhere for it
  7. I have a Qtek 8010 but the problem is that everytime i try to register it on the qtek website it doesnt accept my imei of my phone, i have contacted qtek about this but they dont really seem interested in helping me, so i am unable to get the latest qtek 8010 rom update. Everyone says to just update the phone with the Imate SP3 rom but i dont want to. So does anyone know how i can get hold of the latest Qtek 8010 ROM update?
  8. Could someone please tell me if i am able to update my I-Mate SP3 with the latest Orange C500 Rom?
  9. i have a problem with my c500, i accidently put format all on mtty, so now the phone doesnt turn on or anything, is there any way to fix this?
  10. i seem to have lost all the default window 2003 sounds on my smartphone, i have tried hard reset to recover them but it hasnt worked, so could somebody post all of the sounds? i would really appreciate it
  11. Could someone help me as i want to restore my c500 back to windows mobile 2003 as its running windows mobile 2005, does anyone know how i can restore it back to 2003 as i have lost my backup rom that i made, any help will be appreciated
  12. Could some one do this for me, the problem is i lost the info sound off my c500 (the sound it akes when you try to install a unsigned app) I was wondering if someone could post this sound as i really need it, thanks to whoever does it.
  13. What is the difference between the Imate SP5 & the Imate SP5m? Any help is appreciated
  14. I need to know if the Vodafone v1240 is an Imate SP5, if it is an Imate SP5, is it the same or is it different in anyway?
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