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  1. 10+32+12=54 maybe??? i think danwatson1974 was right, this is probably a trick question or sumthin, so im probably wrong lol
  2. I loved this tweak, cuz before the menu was changed, i had to look through all of my apps just to get to my settings!!! boy did that stink...
  3. This game is amazing, the graphics are killer, and the tables and surroundings look very realistic... awesome game :)
  4. The advertising isn't intrusive to me at all, and usually the smallest ad in my view bugs the crap outta me. You're doing a fine job of keeping advertising to the minimum, and i thank you for that, cuz otherwise, my hand might have ended up in my monitor... peace
  5. i use my phone usually for just using media functions (skate videos play surprisingly well on mpx200 courtesy of tcpmp lol)
  6. when i got my mpx200, it was missing the file manager, so i wouldn't mind getting that back, but i cant find the original file, i know there's others out there, should look into that *eureka* the alienware homescreen for the c500 converted so mpx200 can use it and lastly something to make it easier to get all my games and apps back when i have to hard reset i'd probably pay for the last one lol
  7. - How often do you visit? whenever i can usually every hour or so and stay on for a while - Where on the site do you visit? usually the device specific for my mpx but a lot of times i just look at everything and wish i could afford a newer phone :) - What do you come for check out what's going on in the smartphone world, and MoDaCo has some awesome apps, homescreens, etc.
  8. My setup is: Motorola MPX200 running Windows Mobile 2002 Carrier: Cingular My apps are:Mini Lyrics Magic (purdy cool btw), PHM Regedit, TCPMP (awesome media player) and a whole bunch of different themes..... (used to have a lot of apps, but messed up with regedit :) and had to hard reset, cant find my apps again arrrrrgggg) peace
  9. ive had my phone for a while now, almost a year, and it does take a while to boot up and shut down, but as far as i know, all smartphones are like that, and i have about the samy memory capacity as you do. i have deleted everything and started up, but it still took about the same time.
  10. my 3 for the mpx200 are..... 1. slow app download times 2. some buttons frequently just quit working until next soft reset (currently the 1 button) 3. media players all skip a lot on this phone peace
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