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  1. Started with Virgin 7 years ago, still cheaper than everybody else (yes, even easymobile) for what I use. On PAYG I normally use about
  2. I personally wouldn't worry about the FM tranmission regs. Taking the letter of the law, every time you play any audio-visual media (recorded or transmitted) where it could be heard by a non-family member - you are in breach of the public performance laws. That is "could be" not "is". And yes, recording onto a video recorder or similar device is still technically illegal unless you have specific written permission of the copyright holder. How many people can honestly say that they ensure that all doors and windows are shut & locked and that there are only resident family members in the house before turning on the telly! And before you say thats silly, its one of the reasons quoted for curtailing the termperary accomodation clause in the tv licensing law, namely with relation to student accomodation.
  3. Dunno what the cause was, couldn't read error else it wouldn't play when selected direct. Would have thought someone else would have found a solution before now, this problem has been occuring on the 500 & 550 for over a year.
  4. OK, fixed it. error 0x800300FD = file not found. 1) Copy a couple of tracks to My documents. 1) Remove card from phone. 2) Restart, open media player & update library (to ensure no bad links). 3) Put media card into reader. 4) Move contents into a folder on desktop. 5) Put the now blank card back into the C550. 6) Open activesync explore. 7) Copy everything back to the card. 8) Open media player & update library. Finds all tracks, adds them correctly and plays with no problem.
  5. Ok, using TCPMP lets me at least play my WMAs. Is there any way to set it to start with the music player button? While I'm at it, can the links to WMP & Orange media player be removed?
  6. I agree with kkrull on this, bloomin' stupid entry system. I suppose I could make work, but it would be one hell of a lot of work. At least 25% of the words I type don't appear in english dictionaries. Gonna have to get meself a bluetooth keyboard sometime.
  7. Hi all, Just got a C550 yesterday, inserted 512mb card full of WMA tracks, everything played fine. Today however, if I got into wmp and the library shows nothing. Updated library, everything seems to work fine but still finds no tracks. If I click on 'all music' it throws up an unknown error 0x800300FD. If I go into file manager and click on an individual file, it will play fine. Any idea what is wrong? Done a reset, Library points to storage card, WMA extension is associated with WMP.
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