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  1. Well here is what u will be very happy to know tht I'm Proud user od Cingular 2125 with Working 2GB Kingston Mini Sd card & i have been using it for last 8 month wit no such problem at all.... Also i tried on 4GB Kingston card it worked well but da was a lil slower to fetch data from fa card.. i recommend 2 Gb card for now.. On another note i did updated with da latest Cingular ROM available... & soon goin for WM6 on ma Cingular 2125 ;)
  2. best rom it this date is Cingular 2125.. it has all da features except WIFI....
  3. hi i tried to use imate Sp5 rom on ma C550.. as told by awarner.... it's not workin & lies as a papper weight since nov 2006.. while i was goin thought this hit n tried rom of ur's i thought may be u can help me in anyway jst to get my c550 to boatloader mode to be able to flash C550 rom onto it... plz comment
  4. what next i tried da rom but it didn't work too... n now since november my C550 is nothin more than a paper weight..... let me know if thr is sure shot way to get it back to Bootloader...
  5. hello i tried to install WM5 on my imate sp3 but couldn't.. i patched my sp3 with IU_SPL+PatchedRUU (typhoon utility).. it shows typoon settin while loadin windows.. n can't go back to normal imate ROM which does not hav them attached.. i hard reset the handset 3 time but it still da same & also da camera is all pink...... plz help me out.. attaching a pic below... how can i unpatch ma sp3 from typoon patch.. plz help me out.....
  6. hi all... i got a old c600 last week from ebay.. the phone work fine but it doesn't sync with the PC wen i connect it to the usb cable via Active sync usin data cable.. i hav a c500 too which sync's instantly... but wen i plug in the usb to my c600 it doesn't sync wit active sync but charging light is on & phone screen shows tht it is connected wit the pc (charging)...... plz help me out
  7. where did u got this ROm plz be kind to share da link to it..?
  8. I just got a O2 Xphone 2 with ROM version: i'm trying to update it with orange SPV C500 ROM, but not able to change it cos O2 Rom is locked.. n i'm now searching for a new O2 Rom.. Or how i can i load orange Spv C500 Rom ma cell phone.... can any1 help me in this regard.... Prince
  9. now thts wht i think i'm going for next ... well would be eager jst to get ma hands on this Gigabyte G-Smart... can any1 tell me whr to get it...? i mean which country is it available.. for now..?
  10. a bought a 2 gb frm a hongkok based ebay seller it was damn cheap... China is da word u should know b4 buyin..... they selll really cheap...
  11. well I'm a Airtel subscriber from India... wit ma Spv C500 & C600.. since i have got these phones, i have arranged a dozen of these handsets for ma frnds n family member out here in India from Hongkong n Uk....... well i have been waiting for such phone to be launched in India... but already these are in market but ppl don't really buy them bcos of there hefty prices like A spv c500 A.k.a I-mate sp5m sells for INR 26000, tht comes around US$ 600... n thts alot out here.. few compared to Uk these phones are available at half da price we hav to pay in India.... so launching these cellphone out here with such huge price difference will not make a difference ........ i say better get them from Uk or US or even Dopod in china sells cheaper....
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