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  1. I've purchased the pro version of Automateit but I'm struggling with finding anything else to spend my coins on.
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for all the info. I'm hoping to persuade my company to let me have the HD2 as my Touch Dual is now on its last legs! What is vital for me is to be able to use the Blackberry Connect software to receive my works emails. Does the phone come with this software? If it does do you have the means of testing if a BIS setup works? I'd hate to get an upgrade to the HD2 and then find I'm not able to get my hands on my emails! Cheers, Dean
  3. Anyone able to confirm if they can still access the internet on the 3 network using a 2g connection. I'm able to connect perfectly on 3g but when my phone switches to 2g it no longer works. I thinking a hard reset may be needed if it is working OK for the rest of you.
  4. therafiman you are a legend! Many thanks for this. I did finally manage to get the iSkoot version working by following secret.simon instructions. It took me ages to get it going as I believe you need to have .net Compact Framework 3.5 installed otherwise it will not work. I how have two version of Skype on my phone with the wonderful work from therafiman so I will test them both out and see which works the best. ;)
  5. Can anyone here help a n00b and download the latest version of the .jad and .jar java files for Skype client version 2.0.40? I've downloaded the old modified version posted my rafiman but this is now forcing and upate on the 3 network site. I cannot work out how to get this to download on my TyTn. If someone can post these files it would be greatly appreciated as I need Skype for work purposes. Cheers ;)
  6. Hi, when I try to log into Skype now I get a message asking me to update my software. I'm guessing that this will mess up the settings and mods made in the above download. Anybody tried it?
  7. Is this still working for you all? It worked OK for a week or so but now Pocket Explorer just says opening and that's as far as I get. Receiving emails still works though!
  8. Is a 2G connection with Orange still working OK for everyone? Mine stopped working Tuesday. I can still download e-mail but cannot access the internet in Pocket IE or Opera Mini. Hope it's a problem with my device and not a retraction of this service!
  9. Hi All, I hope this is not a dumb question but is there a way I can send an e-mail using pocket outlook from my private e-mail address and for it to appear like it's being replied to from my work e-mail address? I'm heading off to Ireland on Sunday for a week long business trip and I've set outlook on my work PC to forward e-mail to my private e-mail address but I don't want my business contacts e-mailing me back using my private e-mail address! Cheers, Dean
  10. Nice one. Thank you. Works a treat now and I now have the perfect setup for my SPV M3100! The 3 network rocks! Just wish I could set up Skype to use the front ear piece rather than the rear speaker!
  11. Yay! Looks like 3 is finally working on 2G using the Orange network. Has anyone got Opera Mini working? Works fine on O2 but looks like it's port blocked on Orange. Anyone able to confirm?
  12. DeanPall

    3's coverage

    Hi Guys, If you switch your phone to manual and select O2 as the network provider you can connect to the internet fine on 2G. Cheers Dean
  13. Unfortunately the new SIM card did not make a difference. However I have been playing around with my Hermes (SPV M3100) and discovered that if I force a connection with O2 then I can get a reliable GPRS or EDGE data connection! :( This is probably against 3's terms and conditions though! :D I believe (at least in my area) once you loose the 3 network signal you are automatically switched over to the Orange network. If I force a connection to Orange I get no data connection at all. I've tried to change the order under preferred networks so that my phone switches to the O2 network first but when I click on OK I get a message saying cannot save the changes to the network. I've also seen sellers on eBay selling PAYG SIM cards which they claim are specific broadband enabled and different to a regular SIM. Search for "3 THREE HSDPA 3G BROADBAND 3.5G DATA SIM CARD NEW PAYG" to see what I mean. Does anyone think that this type of SIM card may make a difference?
  14. Hi Guys, having the same problem myself. Love the 3 network and the speed is great when I'm in a 3g signal area but no data when in a 2g area really sucks. I've ordered a brand new 3 sim card to test just in case my 18 month old PAYG card is configured to connect to the o2 network rather than the orange network. It's a long shot but I really want to stick with 3 as their PAYG data tariff is great value. I hope somehow we can sort this out between us! :D
  15. Hi All, many thanks for the advice. The company SIM card is on o2 and the mobile was purchased off eBay which might make things a little difficult for me. Anyway I contacted o2 and explained the situation and the lady I spoke to told me she would arrange for her manager to remove the IMEI lock today but it may take up to 72 hours for it to be actioned! Fingers crossed that they actually do this. I'm really annoyed as I ended up hard resetting the device out of desperation before I realised what had actually happened. Oh what fun I'll have reinstalling all those applications again! Think I've landed a new job today which is good news. Great site by the way!
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