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  1. We just released CloudFiles (Beta) Ruttensoft's CloudFiles - with Dropbox is basically the missing Windows Phone Frontend for the awesome file synchronization tool called Dropbox. Like Dropbox's official iPhone and Android Apps, CloudFiles gives you access to all your stored files and folders in the cloud. Features: Browse through your Dropbox Files and Folders Create/Delete/Move/Copy Folders Delete/Move/Copy Files See properties of a file (Name, Folder, Size & Last modified) Upload a new file Upload a whole folder (!) Download a file Download a whole folder (!) Create a new Text note using the builtin text editor Edit text-files within the application, it will directly be saved to your Dropbox account Edit all other file types in your favorite Windows Mobile App, afterwards reupload it to your Dropbox account with one click! Share your files by sending a link per Email ==> All files using a 30-day-expiration link ==> Move/Copy a file to the public folder and then share it with one click Share your files by sending the file as Email Attachment (Downloading it to the device first) Create folder favorites to quickly browse to them See your Dropbox Account informations (Username, ID, Space used/Free) Lots of file type's are skinned in the list Autorotation of the app (if supported) Landscape & Portrait-Support All Touch Screen Devices supported from WM 6.0+, might work on WM 5.0 too. Shoot & Upload pictures with one click (!). It will be stored with continuous numbers (SomeName001, SomeName002) directly in your gallery! Bit.ly support for short share links (using your own Bit.ly-Account) And lots more More Informations and download of the Beta: www.ruttensoft.com
  2. Hi You need RSD Lite 4.1 (Google it), there you can select the ROM and it will do all the upload thing BUUUUUT BE AWARE: The ROM Update was successfull on my device, I'm having WM 6.1 on it, BUT NOW I HAVE AT&T SIM LOCK! Just to let you know...
  3. Wont update on my phone, and: Date of ROM is 12.december 2007!
  4. NO s*** https://rsddownload.motorola.com/download/A...lone_Update.exe 55.1MB, downloading now!
  5. How many % was the battery when you did Hardreset? Always load up your phone to full power before dooing a hardreset
  6. HI You can ignore that. Its just a warning that the developer hasnt marked the application as "WM6"-compatible, the most of them because they were made before WM 6. But nearly all of them will still work on your device
  7. IPSM was the "Storage" of earlier devices. If the application is well coded, then you should find the items in Storage/My Documents.
  8. 2 days delay... thats just nothing :-)
  9. Voila: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  10. Its working with opennetcf tapi, but be aware that it wont work on every phone due to security
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