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  1. \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Phone\ Change REG_DWORD 'ShowSim' from 1 to 0
  2. ozzzy

    Audiovox in Japan

    GSM phones do not work in Japan or South Korea. They use a completely different network over there. http://www.vodafone.jp/english/ If you must have a mobile phone in Japan I would highly recommend Vodaphone. I was able to get a pre-paid phone for about 8000 yen. A 3000 yen phone card would give you about 50 minutes of talk time. Calls are 60-80 yen per minute to anywhere in the country. Most of the details are available at: http://www.vodafone.jp/english/online_shop/index.html The Vodaphone store employees are extremely courteous and helpful. Just remember to list your hotel room as place of residence. I found having a mobile phone a necessity for meeting up with friends while in Japan. Leaving messages at hotels and finding a pay phone was just too hard. Good Luck!
  3. As usual when a new phone comes out AT&T/Cingular make it as difficult as possible to upgrade. Currently, I have a great AT&T plan that fits my usage well. To get this phone, Cingular would require a new plan and another year locked in a contract. This is making me strongly consider Tmobile when they get the SP5/SP5m.

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