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  1. Indeed there are http://www.zophar.net/ppc/mame.html In emulator terms Scummv is probably the best..... I have just finished DOTT in fact.... I love my retro gaming..... But really, no one else an amiga fan?
  2. Sadly I have not managed to get pocketuae working... the blank screen of death resulting in a reset is the best that I can do.... Have you had any luck with it on a hermes? As I say, the hermes can clearly cope with the demands of such emulation as castce/Scummvm etc work realy well.... ho hum.... surely there are more amiga owners around?
  3. Hi All, Having searched and searched I cannot find a working emulator for the Amiga for my beloved M3100. Sadly I cannot code for toffee, so I am going to resort to begging clever PPC coders to please make a port that works for the device. PLEASE!!!!! The best computer of the 20th century is not currently emulated on the best handheld of the 21st century. How can that be?!!?!? I have tried CastCE emulator, god forgive me, but the ST simply does not match the quality of the amiga. Clearly the device is capable of such emulation. The pocketinsanity site does not appear to have been updated for 8 or so months and the forums are alive with Hermes owners all complaining about pocketUAE not working. I am checking those forums every day for a little snippet of info or a hint of how to get the emulator to work...... I have even resorted to attempting to emulate the amiga on an emulated platform (pals OS) - sadly the third party emulators appear to need to interact with the hardware and I get critical errors..... shame - and I thought that I was being real clever too..... So, does anyone have any info on an amiga emulator for the hermes?
  4. Dude, I have an m3100. I use "Bug Me!" to record a voice note to tell me to wake up and then set that to remind me every morning at 7. Works a treat and can be as loud as you want. I presume that other note-taking progs work in the same way.
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