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  1. TheHelios

    friend's 6700 cant recieve MMS!

    Sprint doesn't use formal MMS. If you send someone on sprint an MMS, the person on the sprint phone will only be able to view the picture from some sprint website. The only work around is to install the SprintMMS.cab on that persons phone. If they want it, check out the HTC Titan section at www.ppcgeeks.com.
  2. I just got my first PPC phone for the first time since 2002 (damn you Audiovox Thera!). Anyway, I need a program that will allow me to send an SMS to my entire phonebook. I need to inform everyone of my new and exciting phone number. :)
  3. TheHelios

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    The problem isnt the blackjack but its with your phones setup. Trust me, Ive been playing CPS2 and Neo-Geo all weekend. Make sure you have at least 8mb free onboard memory and the proper NeoGeo rom. In the available rom list, make sure neo geo shows up. If it doesnt, then you have the wrong NeoGeo bios rom.
  4. TheHelios

    Windows Mobile vs iPhone "The Future is NOW!"

    Microsoft Labs are doing a beta of a program called "Lincoln" that lets you take a picture of a DVD cover and it will give you a review of it. Its really hit or miss right now but the more albums that are uploaded, the more accurate the results will be.
  5. TheHelios

    Samsung Blackjack (i607) Sim Unlock?

    Cingular has free roaming so LV shouldn't be a problem at all. You would only need to SIM unlock if plan on placing another carriers SIM card into the phone. Also, all SIM unlock codes are unique to each phone, so you can't just use someone elses.
  6. Using mediamax here on the BJ and nothing goes wrong.
  7. I was recording on the smartphone version just fine in full speed. I noticed the replay's play alot faster than the gameplay though, probably just more frames.
  8. TheHelios

    2 Issues with Blackjack

    It is made for both landscape and portrait. The problem is the program just doesn't display properly on the blackjacks. And yeah, Finalburn runs perfectly. Also Picodrive (sega genesis emulator). Make sure you overclock to 252mhz and turn off sound and any games should run full speed.
  9. TheHelios

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    My blackjack runs neo-geo just fine. Maybe it is the bios pack you have. When you mark the checkbox for show available games only, make sure neo-geo is in the list.
  10. TheHelios


    Um, whats Zuma? If its a pc game, the only way it will work on windows mobile is if it is open source and someone ported it to WM or if the company that created the game made a port of its own to WM. If neither of those are the case, then you're SOL untill one of the above happens. If Zuma is a console game for the Gameboy/Color/Advance, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Master System, or CPS1/2/Cave/Neo-Geo, then you can use one of masterall's emulators for that.
  11. Ok, to answer your question (unlike some other people) there is an option in the video settings to change the screen orientation. To change the bubble in the video options screen, press right or left to move the bubble up or down.
  12. TheHelios

    2 Issues with Blackjack

    Um, this is an obvious issue but the problem here isn't the screen orientation. Its about why a program won't operate properly. The GBA emulator isn't working properly because its in an alpha stage meaning its bound to not work for many people. Second, the problem with the pocketsnes isn't due to a screen issue. It's a problem with the emulator on the BlackJack, and maybe the Q, not really sure. And kevin, the last thing I want to be hearing is "dumb screen orientations" as a problem to a program. The emu is obviously going to fit on the orientation when the author put a "portrait, reverse portrait, right landscape, and left landscape" feature in a game. It's obviously meant to adjust to every screen orientation (exception being the treo with a square screen).
  13. The screen recording program is built into the game. :) Been playing this for a while and its turning out very well. Hopefully more updates will come up soon.
  14. TheHelios

    2 Issues with Blackjack

    1. Good job, Chrono Trigger is awesome. 2. The wrapping is a problem on the blackjacks and only an update will fix it. Masterall, the one doing all these emulators, is busy with other projects so it might be a while untill he gets to fixing it. 3. Just read through the entire GBA emulator thread. As annoying as it is, its the only way youll figure out what and how the problem occurs.
  15. I have alot of JAVA games on my phone but naturally it installs the games on the onboard memory. Is there a way I can set it to where it will install games to a directory on my micro sd card and be able to run the games from that same folder?

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