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  1. Ups, that sounds like the mistake the Mpx 220 had as well. After a while those imprints were digged into the display. I heard that problem from several german users, so it may be a production thing, maybe Monday series. cya, Arne
  2. Hi, I heard of several cases with the StrTrk, that there are problems with the Clamshell mechanism. The phone does not open smoothly, cannot be flipped open and the last centimeters have nearly to be forced open. It feels as if the clamshell mechanism already scratches after a day. Do any of you have the same problem? cya, Arne
  3. Hi, a big german mobile-newspaper "connect" seemed to have some problems with the bluetooth in the 8500. According to them it seems that they could not receive any files via Bluetooth. Anybody can confirm such problems? cya, Arne
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