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  1. yeah, don't pay extra for an unlocked one, you can unlock it yourself for free. You don't need any special rom. I have the t-mobile sda and I use it on at&t. All you have to do is look in the at&t web site for the settings for the 2125 for gprs, mms, etc. it works great.
  2. I had a problem with my SDA a few months ago. All of a sudden one day, it got very poor reception, and most of the time was "Searching". A friend at work also had an SDA, and he got great reception in all the same locations. Had to send it in for service, they replaced the main board.
  3. I've got a US T-Mobile SDA with WiFi. No matter what settings I have tried on my home wireless network (open, WEP, WPA), I have never gotten my SDA to connect to it. On the other hand, it seems to connect to every other wifi network I have been in range of. I'm not sure why, but they just dont like to connect to certain wireless access points. I'm considering borrowing a different router for home to test this out.
  4. spv services unlocked the sda just fine. still cant get it to connect to my home network though.
  5. You have to go into your bluetooth settings on the PC, add a COM port. Then go into activesync, and set it to allow sync via that com port. Then on the phone, remove and re-add the pairing with the PC, and you should now see an activesync service. Once it is set up, it works great!
  6. nope, no mac address filtering. i've got nothing unusual configured on the router.
  7. A little more info....It looks like the SDA thinks my home network requires a personal certificate to be installed on the SDA? Anyone know why this would be the case? This baffles me as I can easily connect to my home network with any other computer. And it doesnt seem to matter if i'm configured for WEP or WPA. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  8. On the SDA it is named JMM.EXE and is found in the \Windows folder. I just found it last week.
  9. I just recently got a US T-Mobile SDA (SP5 clone), unlocked it, reconfigured it, and i'm using it on Cingular. No problems what-so-ever, except for one. :) The WiFi will connect to the access points where I work (linksys access points, WEP 64 bit encryption) with no problems. However, it will NOT connect to my home network no matter how I configure it. (a linksys router, latest firmware, WEP 64 bit encryption or WPA encryption, mixed mode B & G) It is driving me crazy. Any idea why it will connect to one wifi network just fine, but refuses to connect to another one?
  10. :) I picked up the SDA this week, unlocked it, and reconfigured it for Cingular. It works great. Its just a matter of finding all the correct GPRS and proxy settings (which are pretty easy to find, just use the settings for the 2125 provided on cingular's web site).
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