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  1. Hmm, I flashed U8110V100R001C85B214SP05 from the first post in this thread and that eventually worked (had to take out the battery after it froze on first boot) - but it won't seem to connect to wifi - it just perpetually tries to get an ip address.
  2. Everytime I try and forward an email from the native Exchange app it doesn't send the email thread in-line it sends it as an attachment 'noname' this is obviously useless and people can't read it. Anyone else get this? Unless I am mad and missing an obvious setting!! :lol:
  3. Got a card reader but the damn thing keeps saying that the card is write protected - seems as though lots of people have that problem. The switch on the side of the SD converter does bugger all - its the same both ways. Maybe its a duff reader? Anyway I am quite scared of that WM5torage thing - I installed it and it brings up three sectors - two phone ones and a card. If I select the card I get a warning message about it not being formatted like a normal card and it may irreversibly screw up the phone if I proceed?! Note that the card works fine via Activesync for photos etc.
  4. Hello, yes I got a card reader bundled with the memory card but everytime I try and delete things from the card using it this USB thing or copy stuff over to it says its write protected? ;) There is a little tab on the SD converter but it does the same thing whichever way its set. Bloody thing. How do you mean copy over the network?
  5. Hello - just bought a 6GB card for my E650 and have been copying stuff over to it via explore on Activesync. This has been fine for loads of photos and stuff like Doom etc so I know that there isn't a problem with the card. However, if I try and copy over a movie .AVI of around 800MB the status bar seems to just freeze and nothing happens. I've turned off the 'convert to mobile format' option on Activesync and that didnt help. Any ideas?
  6. Nope tried that still doesn't work! The options just don't appear! ;) I turned the delete notification off so at least I can quickly delete now but still can't select all and set to read. Nevermind I can use the Googlemail interface on the browser instead of the IMAP download mail.
  7. Thanks to this forum I found that my phone boots up ok everytime if I take the memory card out first! Slightly annoying but its only once a day I suppose... ;)
  8. NICE ONE ANDY! ;) So far (touch wood) my phone has booted up ok everytime I took the memory card out first! Slightly annoying but its only once a day I suppose. What size memory card do you have btw? I am getting a new one soon so maybe it will solve the problem...or maybe it needs formatting?
  9. I have this problem with my E650 - 3/5 times so far when I have turned it on it gets stuck at the Orange logo. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and left it for ages but still nothing. The only way to correct it is to take out the battery and try again. It appears other people have cured this by a hard reset but I already did this when I received the phone and added the debrand pack. Are all of these phones just rubbish? ;) Anyone know if it is possible to flash this with the HTC s170 ROM?
  10. Did it again just now - I suppose I could try a hard reset and hope it goes away? What normally causes these sort of hangs? Are there firmware updates that cure these (although its a new phone so I assume it must be up to date) Would appreciate any help - thanks.
  11. Some good ones here! Having problems with Inbox Extender though - I installed it on my E650 but I dont appear to have the extra delete all and mark all as read options? Anyone know how to fix?
  12. LOL! Hold the red button - didn't think of that.... Thanks.
  13. Sorry - I can't seem to work out how to lock the keys on this thing - I see that sometimes it does it itself but not always. ;)
  14. Hmm, having said that the phone got stuck at the Orange logo this morning - not sure if it was to do with this install?
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