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  1. Hi sweetyls. Thanks for the insight. It's nice to know that it really happens and it might not be a problem for me afterall. :lol: Are you still using your original SAP? I'll see if I can talk my sis into sending me another for testing purposes. :D
  2. Hi All! I followed all the settings you guys posted here and I can browse the net and stuff. (Though I'm using the Motorola MPx200, since it's also running Smartphone 2002, most, if not all the settings should be the same even if they are located in different parts of the menu.) My only problem now is that when I tried downloading a test MMS from my sister, I got the "Error in Downloading the MMS Message. Please try again." alert. When I try again, I get the same message. :shock: Is the message already "stale" even though it was only sent this afternoon? :?: Or did it have to do with the "partial reset" I had this afternoon? I had to reinstall the MMS program from the CD. The message in question was sent to me before my reinstallation and after I re-configured my phone as a result of the "partial reset." :? Any ideas or suggestions? Though I don't use MMS much, it's nice to know that it works as it should. :lol: Thanks.
  3. We got our units in Hong Kong for about 30+K. This includes the phone, travel charger, car charger, spare battery, free leather case, and free camera. We also shelled out a bit more for 512 MB SD cards. :lol: We thought it was a cool deal for the price so we jumped on it.
  4. Woo Hoo! :lol: Thanks Martin! That seems to have done the trick! :D All seems right now. MoDaCo comes through again! :(
  5. Hi All! I've got a bit of a problem, my phone was acting kinda slow so I thought to turn it off and on again to "freshen" it up. :lol: When I turned it on, it stuck to the Smartphone 2000 screen for what seemed like forever. So I turned it off again. :shock: This happend around 3 - 4 times and it finally hanged at that screen on the last time. :? So I pulled the battery, waited a few seconds and put everything back together again. When I powered up, I saw symptoms that are pretty much considered a "partial reset" (according to what happened to some in this forum). :D All settings were set to default, all my sounds and photos were still safe, T9 seemed to have retained all previously used words. All contacts vanished and my MMS counter in the home screen reads MMS () instead of MMS (0). :?: I re-entered all my network settings but I can no longer make MMS nor can I recieve it. I asked my sister to send me a message to test it out and it came back as regular SMS and displayed as E-mail (1) in the home screen instead of MMS. :shock: When I try to make a new message, the option to choose from SMS, E-mail and MMS is no longer available and it goes directly to making an SMS. Has anyone ever experienced this? Please help. Hope to hear from you guys soon as this is bugging the heck out of me.
  6. Hi All! Please be on the look out for a Motorola MPx200. My brother's unit was stolen in the T. Morato area a while ago. :evil: We tried calling but the bum who now has it but the schmuck keeps dropping the calls and doesn't answer the messages sent. :x One of our consulations is that when the juice runs out, that's it. I don't think the thief has any means to recharge it. Since there is most likely a limited number of MPx200s here in the Philippines, please be on the look out. If it helps, I can also post the phone's serial number later on so if someone is trying to sell it to you, you know it's a hot phone. :!: Any assistance and suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  7. Hi All! I just upgraded from my SPV 100 and am wondering what the number to forward no reply, unanswered, unavailable calls to voice mail is? :?: I tried checking my SPV as I copied my GPRS settings and such from there but it didn't have them. They must have been wiped. #-o I know that I have those features as I have used them before. :oops: I was able to re-establish access to my voicemail but that's it. I remember that with my Globe line, you can direct calls to a certain number and that would be where your caller would leave their voice messages. Is there one for Addict mobile? Hope to hear from you soon as I really do not want to miss any calls. :) Thank you.
  8. Hi All! I just heard some disturbing news regarding a friend of mine who has an SPV100. I believe that he got an SD card for it with a 128MB capacity and managed to somehow FILL that card. :shock: Now the problem is this, when accessing informaiton on the card, the phone just simply hung then died. :shock: There was someone who suggested that maybe there was too much information on the card that the RAM on the phone had a lot of difficulty processing it leading to death of the phone. Based on what I've been reading on this and other forums, this shouldn't be the case. But in the highly unlikely event that this IS an actual problem, is there a way to solve it? :?: Please let me know as I'm planning on buying a second MS Smartphone unit and would like to make sure that I will not encounter what he did. 8) Thanks and hope to hear from you all again soon. :)
  9. Hmmm.... This has possibilities. :wink: Anyone here know how to go about that? :-k Hope someone can help me out. [-o:D
  10. Yup! Am using Windows XP. O:) When you say, new user account, as in new user account in windows and not outlook? :?:
  11. Hello again! I was finally able to synch my brother's unit to back up his files and give him a few new sound files. (Thanks awarner! :lol: ) Now here's the thing, when we synched, his unit now also has my contacts and outlook registers his contacts together with mine as well. :shock: I figure that I will get all this info when I synch my unit again later. #-o Is there a way to also make a separate account like on Palm Desktop wherein specific data will only go to specific users? :-k That way we will not have all our data mixed and matched between our units. :? Again, your input is greatly appreciated. :D
  12. Hi All! I was wondering if any of you have had any experience using a Palm OS PDA and a Smartphone running Smartphone OS 2002 or 2003? Will Palm Dialer and Phone Link work with Smartphone systems? I'm thinking of replacing my Treo 270 with a Tungsten T3 / MPx200 combo and find the Palm Dialer and Phone Link features will come in very handy if they can work together. Also, can you use the Phone Link to enter a number in the "To:" for the SMS instead of initiating a call? Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you guys soon.
  13. Hi All! Since you guys have been on the network longer than I have, I was hoping you could give me some feedback. :lol: How is the Addict mobile service when it comes to international roaming? Are the calls clear? Can you send and receive SMS with no problem? I travel a lot for work and I hope that the service can match or even better my Globe subscription. I have not cut it yet just for this purpose. Wanna know that I can depend on it to deliver like I have been dependeing on Globe all this time. If it makes a differnce, I travel around Asia, Europe, and the US. (So far) I also experienced the call rerouting when you're even ONE day overdue. What's up with that? It's not like I won't pay them. Never had this problem with Globe. :roll: Also, they constantly send you reminders when you exceed 50% of your limit. When you want to increase the limit so that they will stop buggin you, you still have to present a ot of documents as if you were applying for a new line. Since I travel a lot, this could be a problem. :x If I remember correctly, I read somewhere here that there is different rate for GPRS if you use it overseas? :shock: I apologize for the long post but the sooner I know the sooner I can make a decision on which line to cut or downgrade as maintaining 2 "business plans" is straining the budget. :oops: Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
  14. Thanks guys. :D I will see if I can upgrade later. I already downloaded it but didn't install it yet. :wink: I'm running the 1.6 with no problem so far *knock on wood* :lol: In any case, in the event that the performance of the 1.7 is less than stellar I can still go back to 1.6 right? Really hate the idea of my unit getting locked to Smart though. :)
  15. Thanks Rodnav. :lol: One thing though, I'm getting mixed reactions with the 1.7 ROM update, some say it's good, but some say it's bad. :? What's the real deal on that? :?:
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