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  1. My working rom is the official t-mobile 1.5 rom. I have try your boot.img & system.img already but it still stuck at t-mobile logo when power on. Below is Fastboot screen result during updating: D:\fastboot-windows flash boot boot.img sending 'boot' (2560 KB)... OKAY writing 'boot'... OKAY D:\fastboot-windows flash system system.img sending 'system' (79160 KB)... OKAY writing 'system'... OKAY Your backup file has many img files. Do I need to flash all those file to make my phone work ? If yes how can I do with other files with fastboot command ? I am going crazy with this phone because I have tried many method that I mention in the first post but none is working. Could you please recommend me what to do next to rescue my phone?
  2. Thank for your quick reply. I try it many times already. I can flash all the img files (boot, system, recovery) but the phone still stuck at t-mobile logo when power on. The img files were extracted from 1.5 official rom by using perl script file "split_updata.pl" was posted by someone in the forum. Could you please upload and post your Nandroid backup file 1.5 rom (boot.img, system.img) which I can try to flash it using Fastboot on my device ?
  3. Yes, of course I know clearly how to update. I try to update 1.5, 2.1 official rom already but the update process does not start at all it just stuck at t-mobile logo. I can only extract that 1.5 official rom to update it through Fastboot successfully but reboot it still stuck at t-mobile logo.
  4. Hi, everyone here please help me to fix my phone. - It stuck at t-mobile logo. - When I press key Red + Vol.up + PowerOn to update it but nothing was happened it still stuck at t-mobile logo. - When I press key Red + Menu + PowerOn to boot into Recovery but nothing was happened it still stuck at t-mobile logo. - It requires to unplug battery for sometime to make phone power on otherwise it can not power on. - It can only boot into Fastboot mode (key Red + Vol.down + PowerOn) I can flash any image file (boot, recovery, system extracted from official rom file) successfully but after flashing it still stuck at t-mobile logo. - I can't boot Recovery image file (fastboot-windows boot imagefile.img), it stuck at booting linux... - My fastboot screen: USB FastBoot: V0.5 Machine ID: 1007000 v0 Build Date: Nov 26 2009, 11:05:05 Serial Number: UNKNOWN - I read many posts that have similar problem like me but some of those have Nandroid backup file to restore their phone but I don't have one. Could someone here who reads my post could upload and post your Nadroid backup files which I can try to flash it on my device ? I don't know will it work but I have to try because I try many methods already but all false. - If anyone here have a working method that you think it may work on my device please tell me.
  5. It is December 2009 T-Mobile Pulse software update U8220V100R001GBRC85B118 SP01 with_Userdata.zip
  6. anyone here please help !!!! now it did not detect usb when connect with computer it just stay silent and blank screen.
  7. Actually I finished flashing already and it show Restarting... and I waited a few minutes and remove the battery and put it back and after power it up it get blank screen I try what you told me many times already but only see blank screen and blinking light on keys.
  8. Hi, I am absolutely new to Android and U8220. Please help me my phone get blank screen (with back light) after update this firmware [u8220V100R001GBRC85B118SP01 with_Userdata.zip] from t-mobile.
  9. here you are : http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/289971...a-screen-wm6-5/ :D
  10. No matter where you choose to install the files were hardcoded to install to \winodws only :)
  11. Could you reupload it again by compress it with winrar and put a recovery record in case it corrupt again we can do a recovery In case you don't have winrar here it is: WinRar_4.1.65.exe How to compress, split, and put recovery record: Thank in advance for your great effort
  12. Your uploaded may be corrupted I tried download 2 times already. Please reupload these files: Part02_dsk1a.zip Part02_dsk1a.z01 Part02_dsk1a.z02
  13. Actually finger mouse of Omnia is still working in wm6.5 but not properly. When it's enabled it'll never appear unless you press dpad button.
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