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  1. thanks for posting these apps. wondering if anyone has found the registry value for the screen timeout. i'd like to increase the time to 15 minutes vs . current 5 minute setting. thanks.
  2. i can confirm as well... i'm using the HTC 7 Mozart (Telstra version) and it also has low alarm volume. i ended up purchasing Alarm Clock Pro which is louder, offers more sound options and has vibrate option. can't afford to be late for work!!
  3. very gracious for your work, thanks for updating. does your change require a reflash? fyi, link does not work for me.
  4. great work! i like this look! appreciate your work! the only (minor) issue i had was having to reinstall/reconfigure my APNs using APN Backup. thanks again!
  5. ok, so Froyo works for you. it won't for me. Desire port has much better Exchange integration - in my opinion, no third-party app beats this. the ability to increase/decrease email fonts is huge for me and i can't do that with Froyo. i also prefer the sense widgets as well. don't get me wrong, Froyo is definitely a good Android experience, it's just not for me. i've been using R19 on my N1 along with intersect Raven's kernel for almost 3 months without any problems. just added the multi-touch keyboard from the Droid X and it works great with R19. although i'm very pleased with the Desire port on my N1, i purchased the Telstra Desire (with USA 850 3G) so my N1 wouldn't feel lonely. :D
  6. i'm using the stock N1 radio on my at&t Nexus One and have not had any reception issues. it's been 4Bars, with a solid 3G/H signal. for those in the US switching radios, is anyone in the Dallas/Boston area having issues? i ask because those are my primary locations each week and i've had no issues in either city. when i had the T-Mobile N1, i experienced drop signal and network connections on a daily basis. fyi, i'm using the R19 Desire ROM with intersectRaven's undervolted kernel (4.29_10.10) on my device which is providing much better battery life. i used the same ROM/kernel combination on my T-Mobile N1 as well. thanks in advance for responses.
  7. i use Android Commander to backup and reinstall apps and i've seen similar behavior as well. i suspect side-loading some apps (e.g., not installed via the Market) may also result in them being installed to device storage. i offer no technical evidence to support my theory; it's purely based on what i see with my device.
  8. i'm using Amon_RA 1.70 Recovery and had the same result as you when installing Google Earth & Google Maps with A2SD enabled. the simple answer: some programs/apps are probably hard-coded to install to your device even with A2SD. if you ask me, going form 144MB to 122 MB is an acceptable trade off for large programs. 122MB is a lot better than having 55MB after installing apps and Google Maps, right?? i've tested A19 and A21 and after installing my normal apps there's 122MB of device storage (not RAM) available with both versions. that's good enough for me! ;)
  9. really? you haven't been here for 3 weeks? are you using a new type of calendar math? your last post was 9 days ago; 9 days doesn't equal 3 weeks to me, lol. and what is it that makes you believe he gave up on us? oh, i see, it's just another instance of you not reading the thread. but then again, your impatient, childish and (now your) trolling response doesn't surprise me. it's something i'd expect from a 16-year-old. if you don't have anything constructive to say, please go back to your corner of the world and quit spamming the thread. fyi, Paul gave all of us R22 and made us promise not to tell you. ;)
  10. what (if anything) did you exclude from your ROM? were you using A2SD (apps to SD card) before you flashed? if yes, did you wipe your ext(ended) partitions?
  11. Please guys, let's stay on topic: Desire ROM feedback, issues & solutions. Thanks!
  12. man, i'm not sure which way is what, lol. i'm basing my assessment on what i'm seeing via the apps/tools on my device. for example, i install a program, check for a change in Available Space (via Settings->SD & phone Storage), then check the /system/sd/app folder via Root Explorer. each time i add a sizable program, Available Space is unchanged and the there's an increase in Used Space in the /system/sd/app folder. i was hoping to use Windows Explorer to see a folder on the SD card that contains the installed apps. no luck there. the Windows Disk Management (WDM) utility is the only tool that can verify the partition's existence. funny thing is WDM reports the same value for free & available space. could be that Windows can't read the used space in the ext partition so it will always report the same free & available space value. i do know with Cyan's ROM, you can see the available/used space for both the device and the ext partition via the Settings->SD & phone Storage option. i suspect there's a reasonable explanation why the same can't be done with the Desire ROM. i'm sure i didn't answer your question, lol.
  13. i corrected my post, the folder is /system/sd/app, see pic below.
  14. (i'm asking because you didn't mention this, but...) did you cook a ROM with A2SD and flash it OR are you trying to flash a prebaked version? i used Amon_RA Recovery 1.7 to create a 32MB swap partition and a 1GB ext3 partition. if you cook a ROM with A2SD and your SD card is setup with an ext2 or ext3 partition, A2SD setup is automatic. i recall that my device rebooted twice on its own as it was moving apps from device storage to the sd card. i tested A2SD and posted my findings in Post #3899 of this thread. on Alpha 19, you can see apps stored on the SD card by browsing the /system/sd/app folder using a file explorer such as Root Explorer. i don't know if it will help, but i know it works for me.
  15. will try later... thanks for the tip!
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