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  1. Just wondering if its possible to remove the "No upcoming appointments" message from the home screen, when there are no upcoming appointments, but still display it if there is an upcoming appointment, like the all day event setting? I tried using , but its still displaying "No upcoming appointments". Any ideas?
  2. Found the problem, it seems that the Midlet Manager doesn't follow the system proxy settings and I found a registry key that fixes the problem. Heres the soloution for O2 UK if anyone else is intrested: --intent Java MIDlet Manager Proxy Settings-- These settings are system wide and will apply to HTTP(S) connections made by all MIDlets. proxy_host -- Key: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tao\intent\conf\protocol\http\scheme[http] Value id: proxy_host Value type: String Value: This registry value may be set to the IP address of the HTTP proxy host to be used by HTTP and HTTPS requests. proxy_host.port -- Key: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tao\intent\conf\protocol\http\scheme[http] Value id: proxy_host.port Value type: String Value: 8080 This registry value data may be set to the port number to be used with the HTTP proxy host specified above. This key is ignored if an HTTP proxy host is not specified. The default value is "8080" Network Type -- Menu->Settings->Choose Network Type->Work (for GPRS/Dial-up connections and The Internet for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connections and rename the registry key to remove proxy)[/codebox]
  3. Hi, I have just started to use Opera Mini and Gmail Mobile which are both Java applications and use the SP5 Midlet Manager to run them. These work fine in the Midlet Manager when ever I am using my Wi-Fi network, but when I try to use them on my O2 GPRS connection I get the message "Connecting to service, please wait..." followed by "The connection attempt has timed out. Do you wish to select another service?" and selecting any of the other connection services gives me the same error message. Internet Explorer and Google Maps Mobile works fine on my SP5 it just seems to be a problem with the Midlet Manager not connecting. Has anyone else had this problem on O2 UK before, or does anyone know if there's a better Java manager for the SP5? Here are my current connection settings: O2 Dial-up and GPRS connection settings for O2 XDA IQ/SP5 on Pay As You Go --Dial-up connection-- Description: O2 Dial-up Connects to: Work Phone number: +447712927927 User name: o2wap Password: password Domain: leave blank --GPRS connection-- Description: O2 GPRS Connects to: Work Access Point Name: payandgo.o2.co.uk Username: payandgo Password: password Domain: leave blank Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IP Adress: leave blank --Proxy connections-- Description: O2 WAP Proxy Connects from: Work Connects to: The Internet Proxy (name:port): Type: WAP Username: leave blank Password: leave blank Description: O2 HTTP Proxy Connects from: Work Connects to: The Internet Proxy (name:port): Type: HTTP Username: leave blank Password: leave blank --Connections-- Start->Settings->Connections->Menu->Advanced Internet connection: O2 GPRS Work connection: Automatic WAP connection: Automatic Secure WAP connection: Automatic --Internet Explorer and other applications-- Internet Explorer->Menu->Options->Connections Automatically detect settings: untick Select network: The Internet --Websites-- O2 Active: wsp://wap.o2.co.uk Google Mobile: [url="http://www.google.co.uk/m"]http://www.google.co.uk/m[/url] --Java Applications-- Gmail Mobile: [url="http://www.gmail.com/app"]http://www.gmail.com/app[/url] Opera Mini: [url="http://mini.opera.com/"]http://mini.opera.com/[/url] --Windows Smartphone 5 Applications-- Google Maps Mobile: [url="http://www.google.com/gmm"]http://www.google.com/gmm[/url][/codebox] Thanks for any help, Seb
  4. Ah I have a Belkin 54g router, that could be the problem! It does tend to crash if it gets over loaded with downloads :) --EDIT-- I did a hard reset and followed all the instructions again, and I have managed to get your app working fine now and it connect to my network :D Thanks for your app/help!
  5. Both DNS and DefaultGateway are set to multi-string and I have set the Internet connection to use WLAN. Restarting doesn't seem to help either. I guess I will just have to live without being able to connect to non DHCP WLANs, as I can connect fine to other network with DHCP. :)
  6. Thanks for those setting I can now connect to our network, but I am unable to browse the Internet and get Page cannot be Displayed in PIE. Also Skype says that it cannot find the WiFi connection when I get the connected icon in the tray along with the correct settings in the WiFi Status page. I can ping my SmartPhone from my laptop and it replies and I can also browse to our routers settings page, but I can't seem to get online. This makes me think that the DNS or DefaultGateway isn't working, I have double checked the settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\TIACXWLN1\Parms\Tcpip and I have set them both to our router which is Any ideas why I can see our network but not get online?
  7. TomTom 5 Mobile is pretty good, although the latest version TomTom 6 Mobile doesn't work on the SP5 not sure why. I hear that Route 66 is pretty good as well, but I never seen it in action.
  8. When I broke the screen on my SP5/XDA IQ I managed to use SOTI Pocket Controller to remotely control it, and using Jeyo Mobile Extender I was able to get all the text messages off it as well. You can get a replacement screen from eBay for about £25, but its a bit fiddly to get the case/housing of the phone off. But I was surprised how easy it the circuit boards fit together and the LCD just slots into place.
  9. I made the changes to registry on Step 4 of the Decertifying Post and rebooted the phone, then I downloaded your updated WLAN IP Manager (thanks for making an update so quickly) and rebooted again, then after switching on WiFi I launched the app changed the device to: WWAN1 which I think is the Wireless LAN chip (I hope). Now I get the following message: Error writing to the RegistryKey followed by on the next screen: Error in writing device config! this happens for all the devices and on the default DHCP profile. I double checked that the registry keys were still set and they where and rebooting again doesn't seem to help. I haven't been able to connect to our Wireless Network as DHCP is disabled. Any other ideas? :)
  10. I have tested your program but I get the following when using it on my O2 XDA IQ/i-mate SP5, when I press Accept on either my profile or while trying to select the Device. --Error-- An unexpected error has occurred in WLANIpManager.exe. Select Quit and the restart this program, or select Details for more information. --Details-- WLANIpManager.exe NullReferenceException Application::Run+0xf frmMain::Main+0xa Any ideas why? Or how can I set my IP Address manually, as I can't seem to find any settings on my i-mate SP5. Thanks
  11. Humm perhaps that's why it doesn't work, if so what settings should I use so I can access WAP? --EDIT-- Managed to get it working in the end my merging some other settings. Works for standard web browsing and WAP browsing, this is how I have got it setup
  12. Hi, I have tried fiddling around with various different O2 GPRS settings I found on the forums, but I can't seem to any of them to work. GPRS used to work on my old Nokia fine, and I am using the same SIM card so GPRS should work with my new O2 XDA Mini S phone. Only problem with the O2 XDA Mini S, is that when you use their GRPS setup program it has Contract selected and Pay as You go is greyed out and you can't select it. Just wondering if anyone knows the correct settings that works with UK O2 Pay as You Go? Thanks for any help!
  13. I found a guide that worked for my version of TomTom by adding a GPS icon to your Settings -> Connections.
  14. Try clearing your Internet Explorer history, temporary internet files and cookies on the options menu under IE. Then install this patch to make it use your memory card to store it instead.
  15. Currently on my O2 XDA Mini S if you totally mute all sound or set it to vibrate, it will still play the service sound when you check your balance or get a service message like "You have used 1 minute credit today, after 2 minutes you will be put onto a lower priced talk plan" or what ever you get from O2 after making a call. Is there any way of turning off or disabling the service sound (which is the default Notify sound) which still plays even though I have muted all the sound options? :)
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