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  1. xeno1

    Change today screen to diamond?

    If you want something that is close while they work out the bugs for tflo 3d, try this - http://www.throttlelauncher.com/portal/. I have both that one and minilla 2d on my phone and I like throttlelauncher much better.
  2. After upgrading my kaisers os to a new cooked WM6.1 with manilla 2d on it, I no longer had room on my today screen for batterystatus. So, I decided to try out batti since it seems to be so popular as a battery indicator only to find that it puts a nice little battery % indicator right in the same spot as HTC task manager puts the x button. Since I find task manager to be slightly more useful than batti I decided to remove batti. The problem is is that even though batti has been removed and I searched through my registry and removed all leftover registry keys for batti, the % indicator is still there. Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of it?
  3. hi.i'm a new smartphone owner and I'm looking to find regisreration codes of Resco software and gamesDo you have any idea to help me?thx

  4. Hit Start then settings then go to the system tab and the click on screen.
  5. xeno1

    Stop proxy server being added?

    Unfortunately I've already tried that and I end up losing all internet connection through AS. Thanks for the reply though. I'm thinking that I may have to just live with it for now. The worst part of it is that when it removes the proxy it also somehow disables every other connection that I have set up. So, if I replace the proxy and then set the connection to the one without the proxy, the non proxy one won't allow it to connect to the net until I do a soft reset. Try and explain that one. <_<
  6. xeno1

    ThemeGenCE version 2.5 - WM6 Preview

    Thanks Ben. I just downloaded it, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I'm sure it will be great though.
  7. xeno1

    Sending an SMS to the US?

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you have a data plan you can go to http://sites.mobile.yahoo.com/sms/sendsms and send and receive sms's to anyone in the US. Kind of makes it a little difficult on your end, especially since you'll have reload your browser window in order to see if you have a return sms. Forgive me if this is a really stupid question due to the fact that I've never made an international call in my life, but do you actually put the + in the number when you send the sms or call your friend? If you do, maybe try it without it and see if it works.
  8. xeno1

    Stop proxy server being added?

    Nope, that didn't work. Not only did it remove my HTTP proxy, it also removed my socks proxy which it didn't do before I changed it. Oh well, it was worth a try anyway.
  9. xeno1

    Stop proxy server being added?

    I'm going to have to try this out and see if maybe it will do the same for me. I actually have the opposite problem, I'm on t-mobile and have to use a proxy and when I connect to AS it deletes the proxy settings if I forget to change my connection settings to the one I have set up without the proxy and I pretty much forget to do that every time I connect to AS and it's really getting annoying.
  10. xeno1

    Connection Setup Question

    You can also go in to settings-->connection tab-->connection setup-->menu and uncheck the "enable auto configuration". I accidentally deleted the database out of my temp files when I was cooking a ROM for my wizard and was getting the same message.
  11. xeno1


    That's because the link that FFM posted doesn't work the way it is intended when you use it with HTC Home. When you use that link in claunch it opens up a new text msg instead of sending you to your inbox. When you disable the account picker it automatically sends you to the last inbox you had open. So, when you click on the email icon it's just sending you back to the SMS/MMS inbox because that was the last inbox you had open it was designed to just go to the account picker. Does that make any sense? Anyway, basically the only way to fix it not to do that is to turn the account picker back on.
  12. Remove the SMSintercept.dll and soft reset and that should take care of it.
  13. xeno1

    Backing up contacts

    I have contact manager ver 6.5 on my phone and has an contacts to sim option. When you choose that option it lists all your contacts and allows you to check the ones you want transfered to your sim and it even starts out with them all checked so it ought to be a pretty quick operation to transfer them to your sim.
  14. xeno1

    Memory Card Help - Please!!!!!!!

    You might try moving it to a different port and see if that fixes it, sometime that works. If not then sending it back is probably the best idea.
  15. xeno1


    So far, the only way anyone at XDA-Devs been able to find a way to separate the 2 is to cook a version in to a ROM that is already seperated and we tried for quite a while to figure out some other way. In Arcsofts newest version the 2 are separated back out again, probably by popular demand since everyone seems to have a problem with it, but unfortunately just installing it by cab doesn't fix it.

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