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  1. I think an external charger and an extra battery should be on everybodys wishlist. Makes the battery issues less important and frustrating.
  2. Info has apparently been found in the software that shows, that charging is crippled to 650mAh. This is also consistant with my testing that shows, that no matter how powerful a charger you use, it still takes 3,5 hours (!) to fully charge a completely flat battery. Considering that high battery consumption is a big problem on this device, limiting the charge level this bad is not a great move by Samsung.
  3. Trying out the Touch Key Brightness app right now. Very nice! Now that these keys are under control, we need them to blink every 5-10 seconds as notification indicators when you have new mail etc. Should be a simple job, right? :D
  4. Sounds like a broken speaker or wire to me. But I guess they can't have hardware errors on so many devices, or? LG P990 2.2.2 1035.21_20110223 FRG83G LGP990-V10a
  5. I used the guide here to root a Legend. Got the standard 1.31.405.4 rooted rom on ok and later flashed the rooted 2.03.405.3 rom too. Now the owner want an unrooted rom due to instability, so I am trying to flash a standard RUU, but it prooved harder than imagined to find these roms. I went to the http://www.shipped-roms.com/shipped/Legend/ folder and tested a few, but only the RUU_Legend_HTC_WWE_1.31.405.5_R_Radio_47.26.35.04_7.05.35.26L_release_126592_sig ed.exe would install. The later 2.03.405.3 complained about an ID. Today I am told by a guy on a local Danish board that his Legend, bought from the same provider, is now on 2.05.405.2 thanks to OTA updates, while this one is stuck on 1.31.405.5 and no OTA updates available :) So did rooting with the firmware from this site lock the Legend to a wrong ID, making it impossible for it to get updates? Where do I go from here, how do I get the 2.05.405.2 or anything newer on this device, without ending up with a rooted firmware again? The ability to use OTA updates in the future is _very_ important. Check my member number. I am not new here, but Android isn't my current platform, so any help is appreciated. Thanks! :D
  6. Market Enabler only worked for me until the first reboot. Searched for a solution and found Market Access. It has been working great for me so far. http://amip.tools-for.net/android/MarketAccess
  7. Don't know if my A2SD issue is a bit backwards? If I run my Desire on the 16gig card with a partition for A2SD, everything is fine. Dalvik patch added. But if I replace the card with my goldcard or even try to boot without a card, I am stuck in the boot loop. I can live with it for now, as it is working fine with my primary card, but wasn't the boot loop supposed to be fixed when booting without a card?
  8. 512 MEGABYTES??? I've heard that 640 KILOBYTES should be enough for everyone :huh:
  9. Perhaps because not that many users have tried both? I haven't either, but I can tell you that the GPS of the HD works fine, right out of the box. It uses ephemeris data to get a quick fix. Haven't used it without, as it automatically updates whenever you connect to Active Sync. I've had no issues with the GPS. The big screen of the HD is absolutely great. After a month of HD'ing, I've just got an iPhone in my hands again. The iPhone screen seems rather small now and I can clearly see each and every pixel. Mind you I've owned an iPhone myself just a few months back, so I am rather surprised how much the HD has spoiled me. The sound of the HD is very nice too. Plug it into your stereo and the sound is even better than that of the iPhone IMHO. No wifi issues whatsoever on my HD. So, after this praisal, you may take me for a fanboy? Not so. I just sold my HD a few hours ago! The WM OS is simply too clumbsy for my taste, so I am switching back to use my N95 8GB as a work horse, and I have just bought myself another iPhone 3G 16GB as a toy. So there you have it... :) If WM is your thing and you don't need a physical keyboard or a camera (the HD cam sucks!), I don't think you can do much better than the HTC HD. Good luck :D
  10. Thanks for very interesting info. Overall I am rather impressed by the standby time. A few days ago I primarily used my N95 8GB for a whole day and only used the HD for email and a few sms messages. At the end of the day, 2% of the battery was gone. At that rate it can run for almost 2 months, theoretically :) I have tried a few tweaks to make the data connection turn off automatically, including HD Tweak, but nothing seems to work. Are you having more success than I?
  11. I had my Diamond for about a month. Especially after the 1.93 update it worked really nice. Even GPS started working ok without lag. I would have kept it, if it weren't for the battery. If I didn't use it for other than talk + sms, I could go through a day and still have 75% or something like that left. But the moment it has to work, it spends a heckuvalot of energy producing heat, so 45-60 minutes of usage during the day and I found it impossible to make it last till bedtime. Very sad having to give it up, but I guess that's life. Nice to know it is still useable to a lot of you guys. Now I'm back on my N95 8GB and iPhone 3G...
  12. I have done the with/without back plate test and there is no difference whatsoever on my Diamond. I copied the monitor photo test posted here and both my pictures looks like the one without the back plate on. I wonder if they have changed the dust cover material already, or the bad pictures are just a result of finger prints on the cover?
  13. If the O2 logo comes off, they can make a few bucks selling these. Especially if it isn't a fingerprint magnet like the original back plate.
  14. Very, very interesting. Any hints on where to look for pics taken with the P750 cam? Could still be the deal breaker for me...
  15. Nice, if it can be used as a VGA. Personally I doubt it and then I can't see any benefits in having the VGA instead of QVGA, on the contrary.
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