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  1. Steve - thxs for the update, glad that we have folks on Modaco who are pushing forward with what has now become an issue for me on my second gen C500. Any ideas if Orange will replace faulty handsets directly in the UK or if we will have to send to HTC? Hoping to avoid a week or so w/out phone.
  2. JLeeCong - thanks for clarifying the mosquitos point. filao - another thought was that cretain homescreens use GPRS to update weather/time/etc. - do you have any of these running?
  3. I have heard about a 'virus' being implanted in certain pieces of software that automatically connects to the Internet and incurs data costs. In certain cases the 'virus' dials a premium number or incurs large GPRS costs where the cash ends up in the code writers pocket! An example of this was a pirate version of Mosquitos on the Nokia 60 series phones (Symbian). If you are using any potentially dodgy software I would remove that first to see if the problem goes away...
  4. BeyondtheTech - if you still have the C500 when the case arrives I'd be interested in hearing how well the case fits the phone and if you can easily use the buttons and hear the two speakers. I'm not yet decided, so wouldn't want to have you send the case over just yet... ______ dava
  5. Check out this Silicon Case, further information in this post. ______ dava
  6. Has anyone tried the Silicon case for the C500 from Martin Fields? In theory, this is exactly what I've been looking for as it will provide protection without reducing useability, but in practice such cases aren't always as straighforward in use. If anyone has tried this case please let me know how you got on with it... ...the other option is to protect the screen only with an overlay - questions surrounding durability on this option - again, if you've tried this please let me know how you got on. ___________ dava
  7. Thanks for the additional tips guys; I'll give these a try this week and leave a post if I have any success with Thunderhawk or OMA... ____________________ dava
  8. Robin, Thanks for the feedback on this, certainly helps as I can explore the two routes you suggested - Opera browser or the debate with IT team! I'm not holding out much hope on the latter option as I work for a large corporate with a strict US parent, especially when it comes to IT. I'll try the Opera browser and keep my eyes peeled for a release version next year. Thanks again, and I'll update this topic if I find out a release date for Opera... _______________________ dava
  9. This query specifically relates to the web-client feature of Exchange Server 2003 My employer has recently enabled the web client feature in Exchange Server 2003 using RSA SecureID as a second tier authentication. I can now access email from any device connected to the Internet, but am unable to get the basic web-Outlook page to load on my SPV C500. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be and if there is a work around? ________________________ dava...
  10. Yup, Spacemonkey has just responded the same here: http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=4046 So it looks like I will go for the UK upgrade after all... dava
  11. Indeed it does, thanks... Which means that I will go through the upgrade process and then de-SIM lock which should get me to where I want to be. Ta. dava
  12. The only issue that I had with the danish update was that when the keylock was on it wouldfreeze if an SMS was recieved; is this fixed? If not then I'm happy to stay with the Danish update by using device lock rather than keylock and keep hold of the bootloader options. Can anyone confirm if this has been fixed? dava
  13. dava


    Had the same problem, send me your email address to my Modaco inbox and I will email the accessories shortcuts that you will need... dava
  14. Can anyone confirm whether or not this upgrade has fixed the bug that appeared in the Danish update whereby the phone would lock up if locked by holding the end call button when an SMS arrives? dava

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